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Was Lin Dan trained in crossfit?


There was a rumor.. Lin Dan, arguably the world’s greatest badminton player of all time, trains in crossfit, has helped him defend his Olympic title against Lee Chong Wei.

A quick google yielded nothing of such report.

But the interesting questions linger: How would crossfit help Lin Dan? Or rather, how would crossfit help a badminton player in the court?

Crossfit doesn’t usually condition for badminton. Or any other sports for that matter.
For instance, crossfit can have high strength elements while badminton is all about being quick.
But that doesn’t mean the strength element in crossfit does not help badminton players.

There are still many ways how crossfit would help, such as jumping, core stabilizing when landing, kipping pullups and cleans would help players develop smashing strength, squats and lunges helps stances and explosiveness, overhead squats and push jerks develop shoulder strength while metcons help in overall stamina. It certainly sounds more fun than most of the sports conditioning regime out there.

Try one of these workouts and see if it helps improving your games, at least in endurance.

1) 10 reps 10kg (each hand) dumbbell thrusters, 400m run, 5 pullups. 5 rounds for time.

[embedvideo id=”velQs8bqhLc” website=”youtube”]


2) Overhead squats.

Purely a strength training and requires some technique. If you can’t do overhead squats, try dumbbell front squats, whereby the dumbbells rest on your shoulders, at least 5kg each side. The objective is to do as many reps as possible, in strict form, within 10 minutes. Overhead squats also develop shoulders mobility, which is very crucial in badminton.

[embedvideo id=”CqnxSlyvr-k” website=”youtube”]


3) For the more advanced, 5 C&J with moderate weight, run 400m, 5 rounds for time.

[embedvideo id=”8miqQQJEsO0″ website=”youtube”]


4) 20 Jumping lunges, 10 pushups. 20 minutes (assuming each game is about 20 minutes), as many rounds as possible. Make it weighted jumping lunges if you want it to be more challenging for first few rounds.

[embedvideo id=”Kw4QpPfX-cU” website=”youtube”]

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