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CrossFit star Brooke Ence portrays Strong Is Beautiful in Wonder Woman movie

CrossFit athlete Brooke Ence potrayed a strong Amazonian women in the movie Wonder Woman.
(Warner Bros. Pictures/Clay Enos/DC Comics)

“My whole life I’ve been a very muscular girl. I knew all of the dance companies I could never dance for because of the way that I looked,” said Brooke Ence, CrossFit star athlete.

Did you know that Brooke Ence was once into musical theaters and spend her childhood singing and dancing? These days, Ence is a renowned athlete competing in the coveted annual Reebok CrossFit Games which brings out fiercely strong even among the women.

Even as Ence was preparing for the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, she got a call to portray an Amazon warrior in the upcoming Justice League film. After some deliberating, she accepted the role in both Wonder Woman and Justice League movies

“It’s super empowering to all ages and sexes. It could not have been a better role for me,” said Ence.

Brooke Ence in action on the Wonder Woman set. (Warner Bros. Pictures/Clay Enos/DC Comics)

“I got to play a role that means so much to me as a woman, and as a strong woman. It [shows that] strong is beautiful, strong is powerful, but it’s not just strong in the physical sense — it’s strong in your attitude, it’s strong in your mental game, in your compassion. That’s what I think is portrayed really well by Gal in this movie.”

Being an all-rounder, strong CrossFit athlete, Ence only had to focus on stunt training for the movies.

“We did stunt practice a couple of days a week, I had to know how to use the sword. The swords weren’t light! Luckily for me, I grew up dancing so it was like second nature because it’s like choreography. I also grew up riding horses, and we were training on horseback every day. Riding horses was by far my favourite [part of training].” said Ence.

Spot Brooke Ence as you watch Wonder Woman and Justice League movies in the near future