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Crossfit Games Regional 2014: Asia

After Crossfit Open, now comes the Crossfit Games Regional.
There is a total of 17 regions, and all athletes are competing via invitation after qualifying in the Crossfit Games Open. There are both individual and team competition.

Three days individual events had just been announced.regional 2014 2

Team event.

regional 2014 3
This year, the Asian region has a total of 47 men, 36 women and 28 teams competing in South Korea, for three days, from 23rd May till 25th May 2014.

Here are some numbers of individuals from each country –
For men:
Korea 14
Japan and UEA 7
Kuwait and unaffiliated 4
Israel 3
Hong Kong and Turkey 2
Brunei, Guam, Thailand and Afghanistan 1
Total: 47

For women:
Korea 11
Japan 10
Dubai and Kuwait 3
China 2
Brunei, Hong Kong, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Bahrain and unaffiliated 1
Total: 36

Total teams from all around Asia region: 28

Stay tuned for more analysis on the Asia Regional Games!