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Crossfit Open 2014 half way point!

Just as I pen this, the Crossfit Open 2014 has passed its half way point.
How do i feel about it?
It was hard.
14.1 involved double unders, a move i have yet acquired.

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14.2 has overhead squat, a move i am not familair with

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14.3 deadlift requires me to lift more than i am comfortable with, which is anything more than 100kg for 20 reps.

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And here is the pattern; you will do something you are not comfortable with. That means constantly pushing boundaries.

And that was what I have learnt.
After attempting the first two open workouts, I feel like giving up. That was when I realized that I should not be competing with world ranking athletes who train up to six days a week, five times a day. They own gyms and conditioned themselves for Crossfit Games.
Putting pressure on myself is as damaging as not having enough sleep.
Instead, it is not about the competition, it is about signing up and participating.
Without the sign-up, I probably would not have taken effort to practice my double unders, or practice my overhead squats, or deadlifts more than what I am capable of.

So should you prepare yourself for 14.4?
Absolutely yes. It is part of self discovery which everyone can go through. Take this opportunity to learn something new. Take this opportunity to learn something about yourself that you never knew. Take this opportunity to do something you have never done before. Take this opportunity to show what you have invested. Do it while the whole world is doing it with you.
Besides, there are only two workoust left for Crossfit Open 2014.

My prediction on 14.4? Burpees. I hope they announce burpees.