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Crossfit Open 14.4!

It’s a chipper!

What is chipper?
Chipper is usually a routine that strings 5 to 10 different movements together. It can be a team workout, where only one person exercises at a time, or a single persontimed workout.

14.4’s workout was the following:
60 cal Row
50 Toes to bar
40 10kg Wall ball on a 10′ target (5kg at 9′ for the women)
30 60kg Clean (43kg for women)
20 Muscle up
And no burpees!

Standards of the move:
[embedvideo id=”-NxeMsKqsdQ” website=”youtube”]

The time is capped at 14 minutes.
All these movements looks simple, but can be very taxing due to the amount of reps. Except muscle up. Most athletes would just stare at the rings during the workout..

Here is a scaled down version for those who would like to give chipper a try:
50 Two hands dumbbell/kettle bell swings 10kg for men, 5kg for women
40 knees to elbow / situps
30 thrusters 7kg for men, 4kg for women
20 clean, 40kg for men, 30kg for women. Empty barbell if needed.
10 pullups

Time cap at 12 minutes. Break down into smaller sets of necessary. Start from the top if you are able to complete all these.

Looking forward, I am sure there will be burpees AND pistols at 14.5. These are the only two moves yet to be featured.
All the best attempting!