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CrossFit Games Star Julie Foucher Launches Podcast

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CrossFit athlete Julie Foucher has announced that she is hosting a new podcast titled “Pursuing Health with Julie Foucher.”


The show launches this week with its first three episodes being made available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Moving forward, new episodes will appear every other Tuesday, via Youtube (for audio/video version) at All episodes will also be available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, and on Foucher’s website

julieEach episode of “Pursuing Health with Julie Foucher” will contain an in-depth discussion featuring Julie swapping health and fitness ideas with the leading lights of the fitness and medical worlds. Among the interviews to be broadcast are conversations with four-time CrossFit Games men’s champion Rich Froning, innovative foot and ankle surgeon and former gymnast Dr. Mike Canales (who performed Foucher’s Achilles surgery), and CrossFit Games legend and current athletic trainer Lindsey Smith, among others.

Foucher won hearts and inspired many last month when she courageously completed her events at the CrossFit Games Central Regional after suffering an Achilles tendon rupture. Recovering swiftly from surgery, Foucher will be present as the demo team captain and making appearances at this year’s Games, where she was considered among the favorites to win prior to her injury.

With the podcast, Foucher will apply her understanding of human physiology, elite level competitive fitness, and general wellness and health from a medical perspective.

“I believe every person has a right to basic knowledge of how to care for themselves and maximize the potential of their mind, body, and spirit,” said Foucher. “Following the conclusion of my career as a competitive CrossFit Games athlete, I hope to share conversations that will help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

“Too often in our society today, instead of maximizing health, we are simply fighting disease,” added Foucher, “much of which can be prevented in the first place. This podcast is an opportunity to share what I’ve learned with a larger audience.”

Learn more about Julie via, @Julie_Foucher on Twitter or @juliefoucher on Instagram.