Just when you think you're tough enough


Crossfit for ladies


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Let’s face it. Crossfit is getting popular, especially among women.
It gives them the power to prove that they are stronger than men. Crossfit, is not a game for men only.
This is even more apparent during the Crossfit Open, where women’s numbers are improving by leaps and bounds, from all aspects, compared to previous years.
It just means both men and women can be on equal ground, even on physical level. All you need to do is show up.

What is more inspiring was the return of Annie Thorisdottir, who claimed women top spot in Crossfit Games 2011 and 2012, did not compete in 2013 due to slip disk, yet came back strong in Regional Game this year and won top spot. We could only imagine the momentum will bring her to even higher place in coming Crossfit Games 2014!

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But ladies, before you start picking up the challenge proving yourselves, here are some advices when you sign up for on-ramp (beginner) classes.


if your palms are soft and tender, you will need to use gloves until they are rough enough to withstand all the friction on the bar. If you don’t give enough care to your palms, they will take time to heal which is technically, counter productive. Also, pullup bar can be a chore for wet palms without gloves, until you build that grip strength.

Technique and Form

No Crossfit or gym coaches can stress this enough. Get the drill right. Make these movements your second nature in the box. Feel easy around the barbells, pullup bars, rings, box jumps, rowing machines.. Practice a lot with empty bar or light weight. Compound movements and weight lifting can cause injury, and you need to practice it for at least few months before attempting heavy sets.

Maintaining good form can guarantee you stay away from injury. If you notice that you are not performing with right form or technique due to fatigue, stop and take some time to rest and catch some breath. An injury can set you back months of progress.

Fuel yourself

Eat something one or two hours before your session. A typical session is about an hour and always ends with metcon, which usually burns a lot of energy despite ranging only between ten to 20 minutes. But chances are you are a bit weary after the strength training.

Youtube videos on compound movements, do your homework before attempting the move.

Learn to pace yourself

Feeling nausea, exhaustion and hopelessness is part of the learning curve.
Don’t red line too early too often. Only go all out at the last set.
Here is a tip: Perform give your 80% at 80% of the time, then 100% at the last 20%.

You will want to puke during a metcon caused by dry throat. Have a bottle of water nearby all the time and make sure your mouth is constantly hydrated.

Enjoy these first few classes as much as you can. It will be a great start your life long journey with Crossfit, or with any other fitness lifestyle of your choosing for that matter. Have fun!