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CrossFit Abattoir owner fatally shot stopping a gunman

CrossFit owner T.J. shot dead.
CrossFit owner T.J. shot dead when intervening a gunman.

On May 2, Anthony ‘T.J.’ Antell Jr was shot and killed in Texas after trying to stop a gunman who opened fire inside a Walgreens. T.J. was a Marine and the owner and head coach of CrossFit Abattoir in Arlington, Texas, U.S.

Police has identified the suspect who is a U.S. Army soldier, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Police said the suspect went to see his wife at work, got into an argument with her and shot her in the ankle.

T.J. saw the confrontation and tried to stop the suspect from leaving. Unfortunately, the suspect then turned and shot T.J, who died at the scene. T.J. is survived by his wife Crystal, and their three children; the oldest Hayden, followed by Rilee and Liam.

Source: Boxlife