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Complete Outdoor Recording Gear: Casio Exilim FR100 now comes FREE with accessories

An exciting, new wefie experience is here to change how you record your adventures from now.
For a limited time only and while stocks last, the Casio Exilim FR100, one-of-a-kind outdoor wefie camera is now bundling up some of its best accessories to provide a wholesome outdoor wefie experience. With every purchase of the Casio Exilim FR100, the customer is entitled to a FREE bundle set of accessories, including:

  • Advanced Selfie Kit,
  • 16GB Memory Card, and
  • Camera Mount


With the complete selfie set, you can choose to use the Casio Exlim FR100 in all three ways: Conventional, Selfie or Split.

Three modes: Put 'em together, Flip it the other way or Take 'em apart

Use it like an action camera by mounting it onto your bike or chest; snap photos like a compact camera; or mount the lens and screen separately on the selfie stick for an adventurous day out.
Or you can also use it as a spy-cam on a fun day out, capturing candids unconsciously.. *winks*

The Advanced Selfie Stick is compliant to the Casio Exilim FR100’s unique design, featuring the screen bracket and holder to mount the LCD screen, with the far end of the stick a perfect fit for the lens portion of the camera.

Bracket on Selfie Stickselfie-stick


The Camera Mount is also compatible with most action cameras in the market, allowing the mount adapter to be versatile. Mount the lens portion of Casio Exilim FR100 onto any other mediums, ie. tripod or bicycle handlebar, to complete your social-media friendly adventures!

Mount Adapter

Mount Adapter-3 Mount Adapter-2


Here’s one of the videos witnessing Team Astana’s Miguel Angel Lopez conquer Cameron Highlands in Stage 4 of Le Tour de Langkawi!

You can read more about the Casio Exilim by clicking here or the image below:




18Available in yellow, white and black, the new EXILIM EX-FR100 is priced at MYR 2,149.00. Purchase only the original set from authorized Casio Exilim authorized dealers to receive 18-month warranty*.

Other accessories can be purchased through authorized EXILIM dealers. More info at Casio Exilim Malaysia Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram here.

*18 months warranty upon e-warranty registration with the Official Distributor, Marco Heritage (M) Sdn Bhd.