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Collins and Riveros Kick off 2016 with wins in Ironman 70.3 Chile

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Ben Collins was out out front for much of the race while Barbara Riveros was successful in defending her title at the Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Pucon

Collins solid all day

Chile’s Felipe Barraza (CHL) was first out of the water followed by Barrett Brandon (USA), Luciano Taccone (ARG), Agustin Feres (CHL), Daniel Fontana (ITL) Ben Collins (USA) Igor Amorelli (BRA) and Guilherme Manocchio (BRA) just seconds back of the leader.

Once the rubber hit the road, it was Amorelli who forged his way to the front of the race early on the out-and-back bike course.  Collins was the only competitor to answer Amorelli’s call, and the pair stormed off and expanded the leading gap as they ticked off kilometers.

Collins and Amorelli dismounted their bikes and were in and out of T2 before a chase pack of four finished the bike leg. Monocchio lead Fontana, Barraza and Taconne into transition, however the the quartet were facing a seven-minute deficit to overcome.

As the lead pair started the run, Collins started to inch away from Amorelli. Nearing the completion of the first of three laps of the run it was apparent that this was not Amorelli’s day and was loosing time at an alarming rate. Behind them, Barraza lead the charge with Manocchio and Fontana in tow.

Amorelli was first caught by Barraza, then Manocchio and finally by Fontana in the last lap of the run. Collins capped off a well executed race for the victory in a winning time of 3:59:03. A late surge for Manocchio in the closing km’s netted him a second place while Barazza finished off the podium.

im703 pucon Barbara riveros

Riveros take the win at home

Lauren Brandon (USA) established a three-minute lead on a group containing the three pre race favorites at the conclusion of the swim in the women’s race: Valentina Carvallo (CHL), Barbara Riveros (CHL) and Rachel Joyce (GBR). The trio exited the water together and ran into transition and headed out on the bike in hot pursuit of Brandon who was well up the road.

Brandon didn’t let up on the bike and continued to pad to her lead as she completed the 90 km bike course. The American carried leads of nearing four minutes on Riveros and Carvallo and enjoyed a nine-minute plus advantage on Joyce at the dismount line.

Heading out on the run, Riveros and Joyce were flying, but both had plenty of time to claw their way forward. Riveros quickly eliminated all of her deficit by 6 km’s and now had the lead while Carvallo remained in third. Brandon was eventually overtaken by Carvallo, and then Joyce in the final lap.

Meanwhile, Joyce was tearing through the field and would eventually pass Carvallo for second while Riveros cruised into the finish chute to claim the win in her home country for the second year in a row. With the race best run time on the day, Joyce was rewarded with a well deserved second place finish while Carvallo grabbed third.

Top 5 Pro Men

1 Collins, Benjamin USA 0:24:33 2:08:13 1:20:17 3:59:02
2 Manocchio, Guilherme BRA 0:25:46 2:13:46 1:17:52 4:03:26
3 Barraza, Felipe CHL 0:24:24 2:15:14 1:19:19 4:04:47
4 Fontana, Daniel ITA 0:24:32 2:14:58 1:20:39 4:06:23
5 Amorelli, Igor BRA 0:24:34 2:08:16 1:28:06 4:06:59

Top 5 Pro Women

1 Riveros, Barbara CHL 0:28:21 2:32:36 1:29:55 4:37:02
2 Joyce, Rachel GBR 0:28:24 2:36:07 1:28:02 4:41:20
3 Carvallo, Valentina CHL 0:28:19 2:32:36 1:35:30 4:42:39
4 Brandon, Lauren USA 0:25:25 2:30:40 1:40:46 4:44:20
5 Tastets, Pamela CHL 0:31:34 2:36:32 1:33:23 4:48:38

Source: Ironman.com