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Chris Khoo and Maple Chan say I DO to Multisports for Life

Chris Khoo and Maple Chan – multisports partners for life!

Chris Khoo turned to multisports when he found it hard to have a sustainable diet and lifestyle. But little did he know that in a few years later, he would find his true love in Maple Chan, pursuing multisports alongside him.

Both 32 year-old Chris and 27 year-old Maple were born and raised in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur respectively. Maple works as a hospital pharmacist while Chris earns his ringgit as a business development manager for an engineering firm. The soon-to-be-married couple look forward to their big day in November, and yes, there will be quite a number of triathletes on their guest list.

ToughASIA spoke to the lovebirds on their swim, bike and run plans for 2020 as they start the new decade together.

Chris started his multisports journey to have a sustainable diet and lifestyle.

ToughASIA: Who started duathlon or triathlon first?

Chris: I started my multisports journey at the Port Dickson Triathlon Olympic Distance in 2013.

ToughASIA: What inspired you to take up multisports?

Chris: I tried many different diet plans, supplements and methods, but none were as sustainable and effective as training for a triathlon; wel, now a series of triathlons and multi sports events. Only through these training plans, i get to enjoy training, and maintain a healthy input to output ratio.

ToughASIA: Did you ask your wife to pursue multisports with you? How did she get started?

Chris: Yes, she was curious at first when i signed up for the Powerman duathlon. She wanted to see what it was all about. So from there I encouraged her, “hey, lets go run together”. That first 2km run was where it all started.

ToughASIA: Who prepares the bicycles, equipment, hydration and nutriton for training or race days?

Maple: Chris does all the race prep and nutrition. He even preps my schedule of what time to wake up, what to eat, the entire works from alarm timings till race strategies. I’m the all important reminder for him to get all this together, if not he will forget many things.

ToughASIA: Who takes care of the training and racing laundry?

Both: We take turns with this. We have a habit of immediately hand washing our laundry during shower to save time and avoid procrastinating and leaving smelly laundry in the basket.

ToughASIA: Who has the more expensive equipment and who pays for them?

Chris: Maple, she pays for it by herself. She has an expensive taste; which woman doesn’t!


It’s always more fun to have a partner on wheels. (Fiz Said)

ToughASIA: How does it feel to have a competitive other half in multisports?

Chris: It’s a very wholesome feeling when your partner sacrifices her time to join you during your training and share the same interest. This year, I’m taking it a bit easier as I’ll be more focused into training Maple up to be more competitive and hopefully get podium position very soon.
Maple: Very motivational to see what he has achieved over the past years. Makes me feel like “what he can do, i can do”. One day I’ll beat him at his own game!

ToughASIA: Do you turn your races into race-cations?

Maple: Yes! Just like his recent IRONMAN race when we went to Thailand; first to Bangkok then onto Bangsaen. Also not forgetting IRONMAN Langkawi which was really fun; loved the atmosphere.
Chris: Surely when we can afford! Love travelling around to different locations to race as each venue has its own character and vibe. Plus having my partner in crime with me is definitely a lot more enjoyable!

ToughASIA: What races have you planned for this year?

Chris: As mentioned this year, I will be more focused on training and coaching Maple to bring her up to speed. Therefore, I paced Maple at the PD TRI 2020 and will be pacing her again at the Encore Aquathlon 2020 in Melaka. My main race for this year is the IRONMAN 70.3 Cebu 2020 in August.

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Hand in hand, together we stand. (Fiz Said)


ToughASIA: What do you both like to do after a race?

Both :Makan! Massage! Shopping! Repeat!

ToughASIA: What does a typical weekend training day would look like?


  • Saturday: Long ride and brick day : Wake up at 5am > Breakfast > Prep Gear > Leave home by 630am > Start ride by 700-730am > Brick Run after ride > Head home, shower and laundry > LUNCH!
  • Sunday: Long run day : Wake up at 6am > Light breakfast > Prep run gear > Head uut for run by 630am.

ToughASIA: What are your next couple goals?

We strongly believe in never ending progression and growth.
Chris: Sub-4 hr Marathon/ Sub-2:30hr OD Tri/ Sub-5 hr 70.3 IRONMAN / Sub-13 hr Full IRONMAN.
Maple: Sub-4 hr 45min Marathon/ First OD TRI Finish / First Aquathlon Finish/ First 70.3 IRONMAN. My dream is to race with the little quokka in Rottnest island, Perth (Rottnest Suffer fest)

Finish together, finish strong as the couple will continue to tow start and finish lines together.

Photos were provided by Chris Khoo.

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Towing the start line of the KL marathon together.