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Casio Malaysia launches EXILIM EX-TR80 for the perfect selfie

Casio Malaysia will be launching the EX-TR80, a brand new camera combining beauty, functionality and practicality to enhance the pleasure of selfie-taking.

Selfie-taking has become a trend among the younger generation and the improved EX-TR80 is now sleeker with more improved features such as the ‘all star’ make-up mode consisting of more than 9,000 combinations, wider LCD image display and double LED lighting.

The EX-TR80 has six sets of beauty settings, “skin tone, “smooth skin”, ”face brightness”, “sculpting”, “dark circles remover” and “slim face” which enhances one’s look with or without make-up giving it the finishing glow.

Even if you’re caught in a dim place, the double LED light functions to capture you clearly despite. Also, with a large LCD display (3.5 inches), the EX-TR80 makes it simpler and user-friendly, making selfie-taking easy.

No matter what’s your selfie style, EX-TR80’s rotating feature allows you to take your selfies in a wide variety of angles, ensuring that each image is a worthy piece. Perfect your Selfie Art with six artistic effects enhanced by the make-up mode with Elegant, Foggy, Nostalgia, Vivid or Fairy which brings out your feminine effects.

Many more features including Instant Movie Productions, Mirror Image Inversion, Wireless Connection, Exilim Auto Transfer and Photo Sharing via SCENE, a cloud-based photo album.

The EX-TR80 will be available in 3 colours, black, pink and white at the outlets as well as on Lazada Casio Exilim Official Store and GEM FIVE Malaysia Online Store. The retail price is RM4,099 (inclusive of GST).

For further sales enquiries, kindly contact Marco Heritage at +603 4043 3111.