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Casio Malaysia introduces new collaboration with Dash Berlin on new G-SHOCK model

Casio Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. introduces a brand new G-SHOCK GA-110DB, an exclusive collaboration with international superstar DJ Dash Berlin.

Dash Berlin is a multiple award-winning artist and internationally recognised as one of the world’s most influential DJs in the global dance music scene. Known for his charismatic stage presence and energetic performances, he is an avid watch collector and wears many G-SHOCK models throughout his numerous music videos and public performances.

The exclusive Dash Berlin model is a GA-110 G-SHOCK Big Case series, staying true to the concept of absolute toughness and unbreakable durability. It is available in clean and sophisticated white combined with stylish rose gold.

Personally designed by Dash, white represents the blank canvas of life waiting to be written upon, stimulating creativity and action, while his choice for gold stands for luxury and quality.

This attention grabbing watch spots the official Dash Berlin logo and has the rugged functionality and bulky design that sets the G-SHOCK brand apart. The watch retails at RM779 and is available at ICJ Isetan Lot 10 and all G Factory nationwide.