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Casio launches Outdoor Action Camera EX-FR200 with 180 degree Dome View in Malaysia

Casio Exilim FR200
Flexible shooting modes with the Casio Exilim FR200 makes your photos instantaneously awesome.

Casio Malaysia has launched the Outdoor Recording EX-FR200 and EX-ZR5000, the latest addition to its EXILIM family of digital cameras. The FR200 targets selfie lovers by capturing 180-degree Dome View with the press of a button and empowering users to capture the exciting experiences they are enjoying in great outdoors.

The previously released EX-FR10 and FR100 Outdoor Recorder models have proven popular for their tough construction featuring an LCD-equipped controller that detaches from the camera body, as Visual Communication Gear designed to empower users to capture exciting experiences while enjoying the outdoors.

180 degree Dome View Capture

The new EX-FR200 takes an entire 180-degree image with the press of a button, capturing the whole background including the user and companions, no matter what angle of view. In addition to Dome View capture, the camera can take 360-degree horizontal Panorama photos and videos, as well as 208-degree diagonal Super Wide Angle photos and videos, offering flexibility for virtually any kind of scene.

Start a new selfie trend with Dome View capture on the new Casio Exilim FR200.
Start a new selfie trend with Dome View capture on the new Casio Exilim FR200.

New EXILIM Album app makes social sharing easier

Dome View images can be transferred to a smartphone and viewed using the EXILIM Album app, which automatically splits the image into either 3 perspective views (photos) or two perspective views (video clips), each corrected for distortion. This makes it possible to simultaneously view the image from different perspectives, to truly bring the experience alive. The user can view an area in full screen, to relive the moment and reveal new discoveries.

The app automatically selects images and video clips in the album, created within app, and generates a Highlight Timeline. These are ideal for sharing on social media, enabling others to experience the moment and adding a new dimension to enjoying images.

Taking a Panorama on the new Casio Exilim FR200.
Taking a Panorama on the new Casio Exilim FR200.

Full 360 degree

Casio will also release the separate FR100CA camera body, which expands the range of shooting options by enabling the user to control two cameras with one controller simultaneously shoot the action from different perspectives. In addition, two EX-FR200 camera bodies can be used together to enable the Full 360 degree shooting.

360-degree Panorama mode

By shooting with the lens facing up, users can capture 360-degree horizontal panoramic images. Shoot powerful images at the press of a button, without having to turn the camera.

Loving the Super Wide Angle, great for taking selfies on the new Casio Exilim FR200. #selfieiscasio
Loving the Super Wide Angle, great for taking selfies on the new Casio Exilim FR200. #selfieiscasio

208-degree diagonal Super Wide Angle mode

The camera can capture 208-degree Super Wide Angle images by automatically trimming from the center portion of the lens’s shooting range.

EXILIM 360 Viewer for PCs enables user to view, edit, and export Dome View images
Use EXILIM 360 View for PCs to view and Dome View and Full 360° photos and video. Users can convert images to the 360-degree file format supported by YouTube, to share and enjoy over social media.

Shock-resistant, low temperature resistant, waterproof and dustproof

What we love most is that the camera is designed for use during outdoor activities. Casio made the EX-FR 200 with extremely strong materials and a sturdy construction.

The shock-resistant camera unit and controller can each withstand a drop of 1.3 meters. Usable in all kinds of tough conditions, the EX-FR 200 can operate in temperatures as low −10 C° and meets IP6X dustproof standards as well as IPX8 and IPX6 waterproof standards.

19mm Super Wide Angle on EX-ZR5000

Also showcased was the EX-ZR5000, the latest addition to Casio’s EXILIM ZR series of compact digital cameras. This new model now features an upgraded 19mm super wide-angle lens and Wide View Photo mode to deliver expansive and high-impact scenic photographs. This mean, documenting holidays is even easier as it can now capture more action in one frame with the 19mm super wide-angle lens, perfect for fitting in scenic backgrounds even in ‘selfies’ and ‘wefies’. Its bright F2.7 moulded glass lens also produces sharper images with outstanding resolution by correcting optical aberration, reducing surface reflection and ghosting.

Malaysia's Drift and Rally car driver, Leona Chin talking about her experience using the camera as Casio's brand ambassador.
Malaysia’s Drift and Rally car driver, Leona Chin talking about her experience using the camera as Casio’s brand ambassador.

Present to launch the cameras was Malaysia’s number one female drifter, Leona Chin who shared her experience of using the FR200during her travels as well as when capturing fast action moments in the car while she’s drifting.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Takashi Niida, Manager of Global Strategic Marketing Division, Casio Computer Ltd said:

“It is our hope and vision to take away the monotony and limitations of selfie taking using a smartphone camera and encourage users to see the vast capabilities that our digital cameras bring to the global phenomenon of selfies. We wish to keep reminding users that Selfie is Casio and Casio is Selfie.”

Casio Exilim FR200

The Casio Exilim FR-200 retails for RM2399, while the ZR5000 retails for RM1949 and both will be available by the end of October 2016.

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Catch a glimpse of Casio’s Exilim FR200 in this video below.