Just when you think you're tough enough

Cross Train

Burn (Fat) With Desire

“How many crunches do I have to do to make my abs show?”

This is by far one of the hardest to answer from friends, without spinning into long ass thou-shall-burn-fat-first preach.

“Ok. All you got to do is start practicing different types of push-ups, squats, if possible, pull-ups as well, then…”
“But I want only to burn my tummy fat…”

Pic Source: Splash
Chris Hemsworth’s six pack / Pic Source: Splash

Let’s be clear. Unfortunately, you can’t just burn one part of your body’s fat. You can’t target fat burn.
Your body has the last say which fat storage got to go first. And when it burns, it usually burns all together.

Besides, why just rely on your abs to burn fat when you can utilize your whole body’s muscles to help you with that? You will only tire out your abs.

You can’t go far if you only choose to walk with one leg.

So, what should you do?
Like always, — USE ALL THE MUSCLES (That is why those who have abs tend to have lean arms, or legs.)
Especially large muscles like thigh, buttocks, chest and back, which are basically the core.
Take turns and work these different group of muscles on different days so they can take turn to rest and recover.

Do workouts that not only burn when you workout, but also burn when you are resting and recovering. This increases your metabolic rate.

Last but not least: Balance Diet and stay hydrated.

It is not the portion you eat that matters, it is WHAT you eat does.
And like always, if you can burn more than your intake, you will be fine.
So, eat low carb foods with all your heart, so your body will burn stored fat when your food provide less fat than your daily requirement (depending on how active you are).
Recovering body needs more vitamin and minerals more that ever. And need more water to detox.

Remember, diet is not about drinking Diet Coke.