Just when you think you're tough enough


Burden Run 2014: The Rope Edition

Amidst of all these obstacle races, there is another one looming around, making its own presence little by little, especially amongst future national athletes.
I am talking about The Burden Run.

This time, The Burden Run has come up with the Rope Edition, a 10km race just like the previous Burden Run. But instead of carrying a 10kg sandbag, this time, it is a thick rope. I guess it has something to do with the rate of complaints the organizer received from the previous race with sandbag.

The Rope Edition seems a lot easier and less demanding than the sandbag version. For starter, it is lighter for both men and women category, 6kg and 4kg respectively.
Most importantly, it is easier to run with rope than it is with a sandbag. With sandbag, a runner can only bare the weight on one side of the body, causing one side of the hip to bare the weight. The runner then will have to switch the weight to the other side once in a while to avoid over burden, throughout the second half of the run. Not to mention a runner has to run 4.7km before running with the burden.


Rope Edition should be less demanding, as rope is much more flexible and eliminating the need to switching sides. This is suitable for those who wants to give Burden Run a try, but the sandbag version was too much to bear.

The Burden Run will be held at Sport Science Stadium Malaysia, University Malaya on 17th May 2014. Flag off time is 7am.
Entry fee is RM60 per pax; RM50 if you signup on “SPORT INDUSTRY CAREER DAY 2014” at University Malaya on 30th April 2014, between 7.00am – 12.30pm.
Registration will be closed on 1st May 2014 or at 750 registered runners, whichever comes first.

If you have not joined any competition or races for the past two months or so, perhaps you would like to give this a go and see where you stand amongst the national athletes?