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Break down those hills with Adidas Runners KL

Adidas Runners KL had a Hill Repeats session at Fuel Athletics KL.

Adidas Runners KL held a Hill Repeat session at Fuel Athletics in Bukit Damansara, KL recently.

The word ‘hill’ is pretty much feared among runners, particularly new runners.

Captained by Awan Run, the Adidas Pacers – Elyne Chin, Izzad Zainal, Zubair Ansari, Nabila Sam, Hidayat Ismail, Asyraf Spark, Arthur Liew, Safwan Ghaffar, Tasha Jacky, Nathaniel Keshan, Efa Ibrahim and Afiqah Aziz introduced some techniques in breaking down the hills.

Coach Awan briefing the runners on today’s menu.
Warming up before the HIll Repeats
Breaking down the hills

Runners were split into groups according to their running capabilities and helmed by different pacers. We then proceeded with a warm up before practising high cadence on the hills with the pacers’ eagle eye watching us. Although the distances were short, the slight gradient seemed to be a challenge as the number of repeats wore on.

All in all, everyone had a good workout to better and improve themselves.

Runners were also privilleged in trying out the latest Adidas Ultraboost 19 during the run. Coach Awan has improved his running with the Ultraboost 19 on his speedy feet.

“The Ultraboost 19 has 20% more Boost than the previous version which give me a more responsive ride. The combination of adidas Primeknit upper wrapping my foot and the integrated Torsion System in the midsole gives me a smooth ride while running,” said Coach Awan.

Adidas Ultraboost 19 modelled by Awan Run

Join them next on their monthly sessions on the first, third and last week of the month. For more info, join the Adidas Runners KL Facebook group here.

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