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Brakes, Bells and Lights – Cycling Safety Comes First in Putrajaya

Do ensure that your bicycle is equipped with brakes, lights and a bell before Jan 9th 2021.

If you love riding around Putrajaya on your two wheels, please be aware of the Operasi Khas Basikal (Bikes Special Operations) that will be in enforcement soon.

A Facebook post by Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) shared its press release on this special operations to enforce safety laws for cyclists using the roads in Putrajaya.

PDRM shared the dreaded statistics of cycling accidents in Putrajaya. 2019 saw 6 cases on light injuries while in 2020, there were 11 cases including 1 fatality.

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To reverse this trend, PDRM ran the Operasi Khas Basikal from 1-3 Jan to advocate safe cycling, but will begin strict enforcement on 9-10 January.

Briefly, all bicycles need to be fitted with front lights, brakes and bells.

However, there are no mention of helmets and rear light. These are common mandatory equipment required in other countries.

Ride safe, and let us know contribute to be another statistic on the road.

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