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Boston Marathon Ranked 5th in 2019 Top U.S. Marathon Survey by BibRave

So, who topped the marathon ranking?

BibRave, a running community that connects runners with races, recently listed the top 20 U.S. marathons in its website, and the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon came out on top in 2019.

The ranking is based on an end-of-the-year survey conducted with BibRave users who have rated running events across the country.

According to the website, the marathons that made the list of the Top 20 in America in 2019 have given runners a top-notch race experience that showcased the best of what their local communities have to offer.

“We are honoured to be in such prestigious company with Disney, Marine Corps and Boston Marathon. We work[ed] very hard to make sure our participants enjoy the weekend, from the P&G Health and Fitness Expo to the Finish Swine. We thank BibRave and all the participants for choosing us number one,” said Iris Simpson Bush, Executive Director of Flying Pig.

BibRave also placed the Flying Pig Marathon in the Top 10 list of Themed Races, Experience Category Top 10 and honoured the race with the Green Lion Award for recycling efforts.

View the Top 5 U.S. marathon list below.


1) Flying Pig Marathon, CINCINNATI, OH

2) Missoula Marathon, MISSOULA, MT

3) Walt Disney Marathon, ORLANDO, FL

4) Marine Corps Marathon, WASHINGTON, DC

5) Boston Marathon, BOSTON, MA