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BodyBrew Launches The BOD™, the First Completely Portable Cold Brew Coffee System

The BOD lets coffee lovers Drink Coffee Naked™ anywhere


Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) June 01, 2015 – Today, BodyBrew released pre-orders for the BOD, the first fully-portable, compact, and modular cold brew coffee system. The BOD coffee system uses zero energy to brew and makes coffee that’s heart, stomach and smile friendly.

The BOD strips away oily compounds and bitter, stomach-churning, teeth-staining acids that can be problematic for everyday coffee drinkers. The BOD makes a super-concentrated coffee extract with 58% less tannic acid than drip coffee, and 82% less Cafestol than French press and espresso to make healthy hot and iced coffee drinks, cocktails and desserts for just 33 cents per serving.

“The BOD is the perfect, healthy option for coffee lovers that are always on the go,” said BodyBrew founder Robert Neace. “We wanted the BOD to be tough, chic, and easy to use – while also creating a healthier coffee that tastes great.”

The modular, compact and spill-proof design of the BOD makes it perfect for travel – whether it’s going to the office or the campsite. The BOD also uses a stainless steel filter that makes a sediment-free, super-concentrated coffee extract, eliminating the need to buy paper filters again.


The BOD comes in five colors so coffee lovers can find the perfect color to fit their world. Another customizable feature of the BOD is the removable count-up timer that allows users to find their perfect brew time. Each brew cycle makes up to 12 servings of coffee which is stored in the built-in Bean Kanteen®. The extract stays fresh in the fridge for up to two weeks. The BOD also has additional Bean Kanteens®, the 6 oz. Mini Bean Kanteen® and the 3.4 oz. Baby Bean Kanteen® to take cold brew extract anywhere.

Consumers can pre-order the BOD for between $59-$79, depending on which package they choose. Drink Coffee Naked™ t-shirts are also available for $25 for anyone looking to support the cold brew movement. For more information on the BOD coffee system or to purchase one, visit http://www.BodyBrew.com.

The BodyBrew team has over 30 years of combined experience working in and developing products in the coffee industry and a lifetime of dedication to health. All products created by BodyBrew are built using three basic principles: great design, great function and great value. To stay up to date on news and other exciting announcements, like BodyBrew on Facebook, follow @BodyBrewBrand on Twitter or visithttp://www.BodyBrew.com for more information.