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Better Than an Energy Bar? Here’s What Jenica Says About JoyMix Awake

Age may be a problem for many of us when it comes to sports as our stamina and body functions become less efficient. But 46-year old Jenica beats the odds with regular training, supplemented with JoyMix’s Awake, to sustain and improve her performance.

Despite the lockdowns and restrictions on activities in Malaysia, the office manager in a legal firm continues training with her husband, Eric Lim, to ensure that their performances are not affected. Their active participation in local running clubs such as the Adidas Runner Kuala Lumpur, ASICS Running Club and New Balance Run Club have also played a pivotal role in their commitment towards running.

ToughASIA: Why do you run and what made you interested in running?
Jenica: I started running in 2012 by joining my husband in his runs. Started off from fast walks to slow jogs and since then, I have strived to improve. I just enjoy the moment as it keeps my mind fresh and energetic. It has also helped with my concentration especially with a busy schedule and stressful work environment.

ToughASIA: Where do you normally run and what is your training routine?
Jenica: Usually within my residential area, Sri Hartamas or Bukit Jalil. In addition to my run, I would usually do a 10x Hip Opener and 10x Arm Circles (3 sets each) as my warm-up, and supplement my run with a set of burpees, push-ups and sit-ups after my run.

ToughASIA: It must be challenging for you to run at your age. How do you do it?
Jenica: Regular training is the key to maintaining and improving your run. But in addition to that, I would consume JoyMix Awake before my warm-up. It has definitely given me more concentration and a boost of energy to go further.

I was skeptical about the product at first. But after a few attempts, I was able to reduce my 10k timing from 85 minutes to approximately 75 minutes. JoyMix Awake is definitely better than an energy bar. It is not only for exercise but also suitable to improve work performance.

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