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Benefits of Cross Fit for Women

Cross fit is a new craze that is hitting gyms across the world and it’s great for both men and women. Are you a woman who thinks that cross fit is just for men? Well think again because taking part in these high intensity workouts is just as good for us girls as they are for guys.

What are the benefits?
Cross fit involves completing high intensity resistance workouts generally using high weights that target all areas of the body as well as working the cardiovascular system.

Increased strength of muscle

Ready for a run: Shot taken at Burden Run last year
Ready for a run: Shot taken at Burden Run last year

A lot of women avoid doing weights or resistance based exercise because they don’t want to become too muscular. But the benefit of cross fit is rather than building large muscles the style of training improves the strength of the muscle tissue without necessarily increasing in size and this is essential to live a healthy life and continue with daily activities.

Increased calorie burn

Head Coach of Kia Kaha, Karen Siah demonstrating a move at KLCC Park
Head Coach of Kia Kaha, Karen Siah demonstrating a move at KLCC Park

As with most women we all want to lose or maintain weight. The biggest plus to doing cross fit is that working large muscle groups, for example the quads, hamstrings and glutes during repeated squats, actually burns much more calories than cardio alone. And not only this, but in actual fact the body continues burning calories for up to 48 hours after exercise as it repairs the muscle tissue to become stronger.

Less risk of heart disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the leading causes of death in women over 50. Cross fit has been proven to maintain an elevated heart rate for the duration of the session in comparison to 20 minutes of cardio during a full cross fit session it can remain high for 45 minutes. This strengthens the heart tissue to become more efficient as well as keeping the arteries more elastic to avoid any chance of developed CHD.

Lower risk of Osteoporosis

Competing at Burden Run Rope Edition early this year #salute
Never too old: Lady joined The Burden Run Rope Edition early this year #salute

Women are more prone to developing osteoporosis in later life due to a naturally lower level of bone density particularly after menopause. Taking part in cross fit regularly puts a high level of stress on the bones to maintain the density and strength of bone tissue and lower the risk as you age.

These benefits don’t just link to women but it shows that there is more to cross fit than just lifting and getting stronger. There is a lot of evidence to show that these types of workouts benefit the body as a whole and can keep you active and healthier for longer.

By Lorraine Blue