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Aztechfilms Release an App That is Like a Dating App – But for Finding a Workout Buddy

Lincoln, United Kingdom, September 10, 2015 –(– Fitness app GymPal launched last week.

GymPal helps you find the perfect workout partner.

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new city, and don’t have a pal to play tennis or rock climb with. Or perhaps you’ve finally gotten back into fitness, and desperately need someone to hold you accountable to your new exercise regime.

Whatever your case may be, know that there’s a new app designed to match you with the perfect workout partner. GymPal, which launched last week, pairs you with users whose fitness goals, favourite activities, motivation levels and geographical locations are compatible with your own.

In other words, it works kind of like an online dating service.

icon“It’s obviously not a fitness dating site,” Aztech films told CNN, “but we’ve created an algorithm that’s very similar to a or a Tinder type of thing.”

As a fitness professional with a background in owning and managing gyms, Aztech films has seen exercisers become “a little bit lost, when they don’t have that person to push them, to guide them.” Even for himself, he said it’s always been important to find “the person that can push me in the right way, that matches my personality.”

Fitness is also becoming so social, he said. “There’s a great demand for this kind of connecting; we hope to build a supporting, engaging community.”

Finding workout buddies on GymPal is free, “It’s our mission to break down access barriers,” creator Aztech films said—but there’s another side to GymPal that helps the business earn money.

That side is GymPal’s Squad Leaders: personal trainers, fitness instructors, and even dietitians who deliver classes and personal guidance through the app,can generate new custom. There are leaders available for whatever type of workout you and your new workout buddies prefer, be it muy thai, barre, yoga for new moms, or even firefighters training to take the FDNY entrance exams. Trainers provide new regimens each week, complete with instructional photos and videos.

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Users are able to contact with their trainers, plus unlimited in-app messaging with photos and videos.

“We do so many important things on our phones—we manage money, we date,” Aztech films said. “What’s to say someone can’t also get lessons from a trainer?”

“In the long term, we envision this being an all-encompassing health and wellness site,” Aztech films said. “That is very rare and unique—it’s not really out there right now.”

Gympal is available right now on iTunes.

Please see Gympal’s website for more info: