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Autistic Teenager Inspires Run Entitlement Design for Danajamin Mighty Run 2019

The Petronas KLCC Twin Towers inspires Amira Daniea to greater heights.

Danajamin Mighty Run 2019, a charity run in support of the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), have taken inspiration from Amira Daniea’s (Daniea) PETRONAS Twin Towers painting for the run’s entitlement design this year, making it a limited edition collectible that should never be missed by all participants.

The beautiful painting of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic towers and the world’s tallest twin towers was hand-drawn by Daniea, as she was inspired by her happy dining memories with her family. She discovered her passion for drawing and painting when she was four and have since enrolled in art classes to further enhance her talent. Since then, Daniea has progressed from watercolour painting to A2-sized canvas and acrylic painting.

Buildings and its surroundings around the world catches Daniea’s eye, and to date, she has produced more than 60 paintings which includes iconic buildings like the Eiffel tower, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, the Tokyo’s skyline, floral images as well as cartoon characters. The PETRONAS Twin Towers was Daniea’s first painting she produced with watercolour.

Daniea’s PETRONAS Twin Towers painting on Danajamin Mighty Run 2019’s t-shirt

Daniea’s mother, Dr. Azlina Masdar shared that Daniea was diagnosed with autism when she was around 2 years old and they started her on ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) a few months later. At that time, she was not talking yet and was always playing by herself and poor eye contact. Following therapy, she started showing interest in art besides swimming, ballet, music and singing.

“Early intervention is really essential. A therapist made house calls and subsequently, I would spend up to an hour with Daniea to practise with the exercises given to her. It is also vital to get family support and to educate every family about autism, as I also send her siblings to camp to learn on how to handle an autistic sibling” – Dr. Azlina.

We are looking forward to Daniea’s PETRONAS Twin Towers design on the jersey and lanyard. Meet Daniea and all the runners at the upcoming Danajamin Mighty Run 2019 on 8 December 2019 at Taman Botani Shah Alam, to understand and to show your support towards the community in need.


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