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At Just $39.95, this Smart Scale is Slim on Price, Heavy on Features

Just one year after launching their $12 activity band, Pivotal Living announces a full-featured and thoroughly affordable smart scale

PR Newswire – Seattle, Wash. – October 21, 2015
Pivotal Corporation, the Seattle start-up responsible for disrupting the wearable fitness marketplace with its $12 Pivotal Living Band, is pleased to announce pre-order availability for the Pivotal Living Smart Scale, a smarter scale with an even smarter price. Available for $39.95, just a fraction of the cost of most smart scales on the market, the elegant and efficient smart scale integrates seamlessly with the Pivotal Living app to provide a more intelligent way to manage body weight and overall health.

“Our mission has always been to spark a movement toward proactive health and wellness through affordable and powerful, personal health technology,” said David Donovick, CEO for Pivotal Corporation. “We are very proud to introduce a feature-rich smart scale to our family of products and software, and are thrilled to be able to offer it to our members at a pizza-dinner price!”

Using advanced bioimpedance technology, the Pivotal Living Smart Scale accurately measures key body weight and body fat percentage factors, helping people lose weight and stay healthy. Designed to help users identify when they are burning fat, building muscle and losing weight, the sleek smart scale displays weight on the scale’s easy-to-read LCD display screen and, when synced to the Pivotal Living mobile app, sends additional weight and body details. The scale’s four load sensors accurately assess body composition measurements based on weight and height data stored within the app. Working together, the scale and app measure and track:

  • Weight (in pounds or kilograms)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Lean Body Mass

Crafted out of tempered white glass, the Pivotal Living Smart Scale has a thin, modern design that is both eye-catching and durable. It is light, weighing less than five pounds, water-resistant and compact, measuring 12.8” square. A sleek, efficient workhorse, the scale can support and track body measurements for individuals up to 330 pounds.


A Family Affair
The Pivotal Living Smart Scale works in conjunction with the Pivotal Living mobile app by pairing seamlessly via Bluetooth™ 4.0 technology to display – and track – important health indicators right on the app’s intuitive dashboard. Perfect for the entire (extended) family, the Pivotal Living Smart Scale tracks measurements for up to 16 people, keeping everyone’s data private and only accessible within their Pivotal Living mobile app dashboard. The app is available for Android (most 4.3+ devices and above) and iOS (8.0 and above) mobile phone devices.

Use your smartphone's Bluetooth and easily sync weigh-ins to the Pivotal Living app for complete weight management data to easily monitor your health and reach your goals.
Use your smartphone’s Bluetooth and easily sync weigh-ins to the Pivotal Living app for complete weight management data to easily monitor your health and reach your goals.

For a more holistic approach to health management, members can use the Smart Scale in conjunction with the Pivotal Living Band, which tracks daily activity such as steps taken, calories burned, total time active, and sleep duration and quality. Just like the Smart Scale, the wristband pairs with the Pivotal Living mobile app to provide real-time health and wellness reporting, helping members make smarter lifestyle choices. The more members use the app the better it learns individual tendencies and goals, sending customized coaching notifications and tips right to their smartphone.

The Pivotal Living Smart Scale can be pre-ordered online atwww.PivotalLiving.com/scale for $39.95. Pre-ordered scales will be delivered by mid-December. Additional information on the smart scale, the activity band and the full line of Pivotal Living product can be found online at www.PivotalLiving.com.