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ASICS Relay Malaysia 2019 Under the Spotlight

Team ToughASIA completed the 21K relay

Thousands of highly motivated runners flocked to Sepang International Circuit (SIC) last Saturday evening as though the Formula One race made its returned to Kuala Lumpur for a night race.

Instead of having race machines roaming the circuit, it was the celebratory sound of festivity and a multitude of fun-filled activities that enveloped the usually quiet SIC.

ASICS Relay Malaysia 2019 that took stage on 7 September ended on a high note, despite an arsenal of challenges and mixed feelings by the participants.

The evening started off with a long stroll from the main entrance to the race village (literally, just skip all the warm-ups) where participants were welcomed with lucky draws items, warm-up dances, DJ and on-stage performances.

Superstar Alif Satar getting patched up with EPRO Kinesiology Tape before his race
Race Village

Runners started queuing at the starting line as early as 6:15pm for the 6:30pm flag-off, which was disappointingly delayed for 20 minutes.

Putting aside the issues before flag-off, runners were treated with a picturesque circuit with the iconic Malaysia flag off the track, paddocks, control tower, as well as a grand view of green and blue shirt runners filling up the track during the race. The experience was surreal especially for a first timer at SIC.

However, it was a real bummer when runners (speaking only on behalf of our team) thought that probably SIC might not the best location to host a race.

Flag-off at 6:50pm
The iconic Malaysia flag

Scorching evening, burning track, mildly hazy weather (seasonal), lack of greenery and thin oxygen were just part of the equation.

Adding on to the non-existence water and aid station for the first, second and third leg runners after entering the transition area made it harder for runners to recover under these circumstances. (The organiser has apologised on its Facebook on this matter)

Standby runners were filling up the transition track instead of waiting in their respective transition zone, making it dangerous for runners that are entering the transition area. This can be better managed if the bib number TV display at the transition area was not faulty.

The long wait


Team ToughASIA’s Eric Lim completed the first leg


Runners entering the transition zone

As the fourth-leg runner where the heat has subsided, it was still challenging with the thin air. But kudos to the team and volunteers on duty, especially those on the circuit that kept motivation levels going for hours until the end of the race.

Thankfully, team ToughASIA completed the race with a satisfying 02:14:59 for the 21K relay. Get the full ASICS Relay Malaysia 2019 results here.

All and all, it was a rather satisfying race. Final rating, 3 1/2 star out of 5.

Congratulations to all the winners

Top 3 Results (21K Relay)
1) Team Malaysia Army (#2290) – 01:14:57
Amiruddin Nasir
– Mohamad Shahrin Che Abdullah
– Mohd Nor Afifi Haron
– Mohd Saddam Mohd Pittli

2) The Running Plan Coaches (#2158) – 01:15:33
– Jeffrey Ross
– Azwan Bunjing
– Darren Looi M F
– Mark Williams

3) Team Bomba Runner (#2124) – 01:19:21
– Muhammad Aiman Hakimi Mohd Yusof
– Saravanan Elagamurom
– Mohd Saiful Zainon
– Izran Maswan Ismail

1) Team Asics Wondergirl (#2097) – 01:37:21
– Pei Ni Yee
– Melissa Lim
– Angel Tang
– Michelle Chua

2) Team Pacesetters Malaysia (B) (#2441) – 01:37:54
– Kah Mun Ho
– Sueming Ong
– Tan Mei Wai
– Jia Qi Chew

3) Team Luna (#2515) – 01:39:37
– Nordalela Saidu
– Natasha Nazamil
– Umi Atiqah Kamaludin
– Aimi Izatul Akma Binti Ahmad Azam

1) Team Run For My Team (#2242) – 01:20:36
– Savinder Kaur Jogindr Singh
– Kai Yang Chen
– Kai Hao Chen
– Zhe Yu Jeff Lim

2) Team Pacesetters Malaysia (#2011) – 01:24:59
– Muhammad Asdi bin Weding
– Allison Yee
– Goh Shu Wei
– Izuan Ismail

3) Team Team EPF (Mixed) (#2601) – 01:26:16
– Abdul Aziz Mahamoud
– Zuraiddi Jumai
– Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Rashid
– Farihah Saad

1) Team Subramaniam Running Team (#4083) – 02:28:55
– Poo Vasanthan Subramaniam
– Sivaneshwaran Gunasegaran
– Anas Rosli
– Kenneth Kipchumba Ngetich

2) Team Success (#4287) – 02:35:23
– Ahmad Luth Hamizan
– Muhammad Ramzan Jani Mohd Pittli
– Vasanthan Balakrishnan
– Ahmad Muhammad Hamizan

3) Team Wind Runners 1 (#4238) – 02:40:18
– Thinniesh Kumaran
– Loh Seow Chan
– Lim Wenjia
– Hyurga Peh

1) Team Relay Racers (#4192) –
Chooi Fern Loh
– Chen Hong Li Esther Joy
– Sanggeetha Subramaniam
– Sheela Samivellu

2) Team Mummy Runner (#4057) – 03:24:56
– Iza Maryati
– Nor Zalika
– Nor Liana
– Nur Syaripah

3) Team Team JYTZ (#4229) – 03:28:36
– Nurul Juliana Shakira
– Kartini Ahmad Kamal
– Nurhidayah Hasanuddin
– Norazilah Bte Osman

1) Team Team Asics (#4134) – 02:33:17
– Noor Amelia Musa
– Ow Yong Jin Kuang
– Muhaizar Mohamad
– Nik Fakaruddin Ismail

2) Team Wind Runners 3 (#4143) – 02:53:40
June Yap
– Ee Chuan Yong
– Jie Yu Chua
– Jason Yong

3) Team Spartan Racers (#4292) – 03:22:22
James Dorall
– Vui Key Chang
– Raj Ahmed
– Michelle Po Ju Yap

Author: Sim Teong Eu