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Asia Xtreme Adventure presents 5 Series Race Challenge with 5 events and 6 medals

Asia Xtreme Adventure (AXA) presents the 5 Series Race Challenge Earn and Record your race story – 5 events 6 medals.

What makes this 5 series challenge different from whats out there? This series serves to encourage people discover the “greatness” within themselves and to take up the challenge of trying to complete the 5 challenges organised throughout the year, thereby making their “RACE STORY OF 2015”

Asia Extreme Adventure 2015 medals for individual races
Asia Extreme Adventure 2015 medals for individual races

And in recognition of their commitment to greatness and living their dream, AXA plans to help “document” their race story through their medals. Whilst every medal earned at each race is unique, these 5 medals ultimately combine together like a jigsaw puzzle with the 6th medal (which can only be “earned” after completing all 5 medals) to form the ULTIMATE RACE STORY MEDAL.

No other race series has ever made the effort to “record” an individual’s race journey and ultimately to celebrate their individual achievement by gifting them with the ULTIMATE 6th medal on the completion of the series.

You can’t buy your race story, YOU CAN ONLY EARN IT!

List of AXA’s events for 2015

  • X12 DARK RUN – 1 March 
  • X3 CHALLENGE – 5 – 7 June
  • XRACE123 – 9 August
  • XTRAIL (RANAUTHLON15) – 1 November



Come prepared to light up the streets and have fun! Paint your face, your clothes your hair and light up the race route in a GLOWING hue of colours. LIGHT IT UP PEOPLE!

  • Date : 1 March 2015 (Sunday)
  • Time : 12midnight (Sunday) to 5am (Sunday morning)
  • Venue : Outskirts of Kota Kinabalu
  • Race Categories : 42km, 21km, 10km

X3 Challenge

X3 Challenge

is a 3 day event, with a marathon on the first day, a duathlon on second day and a triathlon on the 3rd day.

This X3 challenge is to test your limits, push you out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take on 3 days of events. You have the choice to do either 1 event, 2 events or all 3 events or a combination of any of the 3. The choice is yours.

Starting with a run on the first day, add on a bike to your run on the second day and then finally adding a swim to your run and bike. It’s a progression from a run to a run / bike and finally a swim / bike / run.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Date : 5 June (Fri), 6 June (Sat), 7 June (Sun)
  • Venue : Outskirts of Kota Kinabalu
  • 1st day  : Night Run21 (8pm start time) – 3 distance categories available.
  • 2nd day : Duathlon (6am start time) – 3 distance categories available.
  • 3rd day  : Triathlon (6am start time) – 3 distance categories available.

XRace 123


– i dont just TRI, i DU. Time to redefine your impossible .

For those of you who doesn’t want to go it alone, there’s a relay category to share the sufferfest pleasure.

  • Date : 8 – 9 August 2015 (Sunday)
  • Time : TBA (To be advised)
  • Venue : Outskirts of Kota Kinabalu

Categories  :

  • XRACE123 – 21km Run, 92km Cycle, 10km Run
    XRACE123  – 21km Run, 92km Cycle, 10km Run (relay)
  • XRACE 61 –  10km Run, 46km Cycle, 5km Run
  • XRACE 40 – 5km Run, 30km Cycle, 5km Run

X-trail Ranauthlon15

comes back with a more exciting trail route to challenge you.

Armed with nothing more than your trail shoes and driven by what’s inside, X-trail promise an xciting trail run through the plantation of Sabah Tea. Please note that the 42km route is meant for reasoned runners who have trained for this race. Not meant for new runners.

  • Date : 1 Novemeber (Sunday)
  • Time : 6am
  • Venue : Sabah Tea Plantation, Ranau
  • Race Categories  :  42km, 21km, 10km



Do runs no longer challenge you? Have you been there, done that? Is It a YAWN?

Then come on down and join us for the

XC2 – Xtreme Course Challenge

with 18KM of OBSTACLES.

Every obstacle to challenge your resourcefulness, your resiliance, your attitude, your courage! Every step you take , brings you closer to your goal.

You can enter the race either as an individual or as a team. There is no limit to the team size. All participants are advised to buy insurance coverage in case of injury. Live dangerously!

  • Date : 5 – 6 December 2015
  • Time : TBA (To be advised)
  • Venue : Outskirts of Kota Kinabalu

Participate in all these events and build your own Ultimate Race Story medal !

Asia Extreme Adventure 2015 medals for individual races combined into the 'Ultimate Race Story'
Asia Extreme Adventure 2015 medals for individual races combined into the ‘Ultimate Race Story’

For more details on the 5 series race challenge, please contact Khaira Cheah at / John Chin at johnc at or John Chin at +60168106041

For more info, visit the website.