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How to train like Green Arrow!

Recently we have been watching Arrow, starring Stephen Amell, depicting Oliver Queen, a.k.a Arrow, a vigilante  in a fiction city of Starling City.
And being a Green Arrow, he is like another version of Batman – smart, wealthy, handsome and fight crime. And instead hurling batarangs, Green Arrow shoots arrows.
Totally relate-able.
Except the smart, wealthy and fighting crime part.


Of course, like any Hollywood action heroes, Stephen had done his fair share of hard work for this role.
The role involves lots of close quarter combat, lots of jumping and running and archery.

A role depends on speed, endurance and explosiveness. All these means he has to be more than fit. He has to be strong.
Here are the list of exercises we can see throughout the show:

    • Pullups
    • Kipping pullups
    • GHD Situps
    • Rope Climbs
    • Lat Pulls
    • Handstand Push Ups
    • Muscle Up
    • One hand pushups
    • L-Pullups
    • Knee-to-elbows
    • And other compound movements.

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And of course, the entire internet then sprung into action, everyone claiming he knows what was Stephen’s workouts to get himself ready for the role.
Truth is, the workout list is probably very long and in constant change. You may scale it down depending on your own fitness level.

Here are some example exercises you can try:
1) 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats
2) 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 8 Strict Pull-ups, 8 Box jumps, 36″ box, 12 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
3) 20 minutes, as many rounds as possible of 5 handstand pushups, 10 One-legged squats (pistols), 15 pullups.