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Are you a Strava fan-atic?

How big a Strava running fan-atic are you?

Most runners and triathletes we know are huge Strava fans, and record everything from running to indoor cycling, swimming and even strength sessions. As the popular meme goes, “If I collapse, please pause my Strava!”

So we looked at our editor’s Strava 2019 stats as she picked up running again this year after a hiatus. Running a fair bit chalking up 244km over 36 hours, and climbing 2706m – more than half the height of Mount Kinabalu; not bad for someone coming back to fitness.

Running enables her to rejuvenate and destress while seeking some social time and meeting new runners. Speed may not be the most important thing for now, but watching her cadence and stride might be, to prevent injury for someone trying to chalk up the mileage.

Strava also told us that Saturday is her favourite running day, definitely clocking those kilometers on virtual runs, races and joining some running clubs around the Klang Valley. Say “hello” or “apa khabar” if you spot her next time.

Training for her 10km comeback run this year has been the ultimate goal, but she was last spotted running 15km chasing virtual checkpoints in District Race Kuala Lumpur’s inaugural race.

Running need not be the usual, mundane aim of chasing PBs and doing marathons or ultras every year. Try and do something new for you next year, like a themed-run or a relay.

All in all, enjoy putting one foot in front of the other while running, and have some fun between the legs if you’re cycling. Strava it, and see a better version of yourself to kick off a whole new decade in 2020.