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ANTA Unleashes the Future of Running in Malaysia with G21 2 Series Launch

The heart of Malaysia pounded with excitement as sports enthusiasts and athletes from ANTA Running Club, 17Runners, Kyserun Krew and Weekends Athletics gathered for the launch of the ANTA G21 2 Series running shoe. The event was more than just a product introduction; it was a celebration of ANTA’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of running.

Taking the stage was Robert Zhou, the General Manager of ANTA Malaysia, who unveiled ANTA’s bold vision for the future of running in Malaysia.

ANTA’s Remarkable Ascent in Malaysia

Zhou began by recounting ANTA’s impressive 32-year journey. From its humble beginnings as a shoemaking workshop, the company has evolved into a global sports powerhouse, guided by three strategic pillars: singular focus, multiple brands, and globalisation.

Malaysia was hailed as a beacon on ANTA Group’s global expansion map and he expressed his pride in reaching this historic milestone for ANTA and Malaysia.

Robert Zhou, General Manager of ANTA Malaysia

“In just two years, ANTA has made its mark in Malaysia with a network of 40 retail stores spanning major cities in the west and east. ANTA’s comprehensive business model, encompassing concept stores, outlets, e-commerce, associates, and wholesale, has thrust running into the spotlight, accounting for over one-third of the brand’s total business”, said Zhou.

“But ANTA’s ambitions are far from satisfied. With an audacious compound annual growth rate (CAGR) exceeding 80%, ANTA aims to operate more than 150 ANTA retail outlets by 2028, with 45% of their customer base comprising dedicated runners.”

ANTA’s Pledge to Local Athletes and Running Aficionados

Zhou also highlighted ANTA’s recent sponsorship of the SCORE Marathon in August, marking their debut as sponsors in a professional sports event in Malaysia. However, the company aspires to do more. They plan to collaborate with additional professional events, providing local athletes with the finest gear and services to shine on a global stage.

The ANTA Running Club (ARC) in Kuala Lumpur has been a resounding success, organising over fifty running sessions in the past year. Yet, ANTA aims to expand its reach, venturing into cities like Penang and Johor Bahru, to connect and empower even more local runners. ANTA’s commitment to the sport is further solidified by their plans to sign more running athletes, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the running revolution.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Optimal Performance

The stage buzzed with excitement as Even Lee, ANTA’s Product Trainer, unveiled the groundbreaking technology behind ANTA’s G21 series. ANTA’s shoes incorporate NITROEDGE Technology, offering the trifecta of lightweight, elasticity, and durability – qualities that every runner desires.

Even Lee, ANTA’s Product Trainer

The G21 2 series isn’t just about marketing slogans; it’s about delivering what runners need:

G21 2 Lite: Designed for beginners, it provides cushioning, TPU Auto-Arch support, breathability, and Dragon Scale Shape Non-Slip Rubber.

G21 2: Tailored for advanced runners, it boasts advanced cushioning, TPU midfoot support, and super non-slip rubber.

G21 2 Pro: Engineered for elite runners for ultimate cushioning and rebounding, silky stability, and unmatched grip on any terrain.

With double-layered NITROEDGE Technology offering an 84% energy regression rate, these shoes redefine comfort. The TPU+Carbon Tube ensures stability from heel to toe with a 10mm drop, while the Dragon Scale Shape TPU/CPU provides unparalleled grip on various surfaces.

ANTA Running Team: Where Dreams Find Wings

Leow Wen Jun, the ANTA Running Team Captain, took center stage to share the inspiring story of the ANTA Running Team. Organised by ANTA Malaysia, this team is the heartbeat of the running community, hosting a wide array of training sessions for runners of all levels, from beginners to elites. They offer everything from long runs to circuit training and even uphill and downhill challenges.

Leow Wen Jun, ANTA Running Team Captain

But that’s just the beginning. The future of the ANTA Running Team promises even more exciting developments: expansion to Johor and Penang, local and regional running competitions between ANTA Running Teams, increased rewards for dedicated runners, and a variety of events for ANTA members and regular runners.

The ANTA G21 2 Series launch was not just a product launch; it was a declaration of ANTA’s unwavering commitment to the Malaysian running community. With cutting-edge technology, passionate athletes, and a vision that soars higher, ANTA is sprinting ahead, promising a future for running in Malaysia that is nothing less than extraordinary.