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AM.i.3 Triathlon Club Strengthens The Force Up North

33-strong members of AM.i.3 Triathlon Club at last weekend’s IRONMAN Malaysia and 70.3 Langkawi

The force is getting stronger up North, where the weekend triathletes of AM.i.3 have banded together to win two awards at the IRONMAN Malaysia and 70.3 in Langkawi recently.

Winning both the 2019 IRONMAN Langkawi 70.3 Most Participant TriClub and 2019 IRONMAN MALAYSIA Most Participant TriClub awards in Division Five is a culmination of the club’s teamwork from 17 triathletes racing in the full distance while 16 raced in the half distance.

In 2015, a group of friends based in Penang who were preparing for the IRONMAN in Langkawi forged strong bonds through swimming, cycling and running. Since then, teamwork formed the basis of the club whose name is derived from Amitriptyline – an anti-depressant solution for stressed working individuals.

AM.i.3’s head honcho, Julius Lim completed his second IRONMAN Malaysia triathlon.

The club’s head honcho, Julius Lim is no stranger in a trisuit on the race circuit. The industrial designer by profession was racing at his second IRONMAN Malaysia this year.  Previously, he had also completed IRONMAN 70.3 in various countries including Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines.

Initially, the Penang-born delved in triathlon to lose weight and keep fit. However, the challenge of combining three different sports into one fuelled his interest to further improve in triathlon.

“Most importantly, it’s most enjoyable to train and race alongside triathlon friends.” said Julius.

The AM.i.3 club embarks on group brick training sessions every weekend.

Every weekend, the club’s members embark on long group brick- cycling followed by running – training sessions. On weekdays, the members motivate one other to keep up with their individual training sessions by sharing data and monitoring performances via Strava or Garmin websites.

To be fully prepared, the club organised an intensive open water swim clinic by qualified swim coaches – Dean Ratcliffe & Barry Smith from United Kingdom and assistant coach Sundeep Kumar – to sharpen their swim techniques for race day.

AM.i.3 won 2 awards and had 4 qualifiers to the IM70.3 World Championship at IRONMAN Malaysia 2019.

If winning the two awards were not enough, having four of their triathletes qualify for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in New Zealand was icing on the cake for AM.i.3. They covered the whole spectrum of age groups from their youngest qualifier Pow Chia Ling (F18-24) to Ryan Hoa (M35-39), Foong Miaw Choo ( F45-49) and finally to the ‘experienced one’ in Jane Mak (F60-64).

Anyone in or outside of Penang who wishes to join AM.i.3’s training sessions to improve their performances for long endurance races are welcomed. For more info, follow the AM.i.3 club’s Facebook page.