Looks like even Alfa Romeo cannot resist the opportunity to showcase how their bicycle would look like since BMW, Audi, Toyota and many other car makers have showcased their two-wheeler.


Compagnia Ducale designed the carbon fiber frame to compliment the style of the Alfa Romeo 4C sportscar. IFD in the name stands for “Innovative Frame Design,” and they explain a bit of the symbolism in the design here:

“The style of Alfa Romeo 4C inspired the dynamic and fluent lines of the frame that reveal a stylized ‘4’. The section of the frame recalls the letter ‘C’ and introduces a world premiere carbon fibre semi-tube section, the same as the frame of Alfa Romeo 4C.”


The bikes will be made in Italy and will range in price from €3,500 to €9,000 for a limited edition run.

Source: Bicycle Design