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Adidas Malaysia celebrates Mother’s Day with flowers and indoor cycling

Adidas Malaysia certainly knows how to celebrate Mother’s Day with a different twist.

Starting the day with a spring in the step, Priscilla Yee and Audrey Tan from Ministry of Burn led a special indoor cycling class at the Menara Ken in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. It wasn’t the usual sit-on-the-saddle-and-pedal class, we were made to get out of the saddle in a various different positions.

Indoor cycling classes are a great way to introduce cycling to ladies in particular, as we’re in a very safe environment and shielded from the sun. Cycling is also a low-impact exercise but still allows you to burn lots of calories and improve your stamina.

Audrey (left) and Priscilla from Ministry of Burn led the indoor cycling class

Press-ups, push-ups, hovering on the saddle, we moved in sync with the upbeat songs while pedalling constantly. I was enjoying the songs a little too much, while trying to get into the rhythm and not lose balance, but it was fun!

Priscilla and Audrey took us through many interesting choreographed moves working our upper body and glutes while our quads held us together on the bike. Finally, the last song was familiar to me, as we needed to do was sit down and sprint hard towards the ‘finish line’.

With happy hormones and adrenaline flowing within us, we were ushered into a flower arrangement class. How befitting to the occasion, it was a really nice touch to celebrating Mother’s Day.

I never thought I’d sit down quietly long enough to do a flower arrangement, so this was my chance.  With a strong flowing French accent, a french lady taught us how to form the basic cross with fresh Eustoma and peacock flowers as we started the flower arrangement.

Coupled with some tea leaves and more flowers, slowly we assembled a beautiful bouquet in our hands and secured with hemp string. It was much easier to assemble it than I thought, and it was fun as I shared some giggles with new found friends, Wen Hui and Jenica beside me. Voila!

With rosy pink cheeks, happy hormones and flowers, this Mother’s Day party could not be more perfect!

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