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A Carbon Buckle Leather Belt? Because Freedom Is Priceless.

Redefines Lifestyle Accessories with 5.45 Carbon Buckle Belt

REVINE, Italy, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Dedicated to the design and development of lifestyle elements for discerning tastes that don’t bow to convention and combining advanced composite technology and fine leather craftsmanship, KASPARI ( is redefining lifestyle accessories with the introduction of their 5.45 carbon buckle genuine leather men’s belt.

Kaspari Freedom

The Kaspari 5.45 is manufactured from hand-laid and cured carbon fiber. The buckle features the extensively tested stress-support aereo™ stud. Undisputed as a premium material, carbon fiber features a non-metallic composition with exceptional strength to weight ratio and high performance applications. The base material traces to the same grade of carbon fiber used in high-performance cycling and motor-racing.

“KASPARI clients respect freedom and demand individuality that does not conform to popular convention,” says Alex William, head of product development at KASPARI. “We’re offering expertly constructed genuine leather belts matched to one of the strongest and most desirable materials available.”

KASPARI belt and box

Engineered to be comfortable, the belt features a sleek buckle that surpasses current trends and which is both ergonomic and aesthetically dynamic. The leather strap incorporates fine saddle stitching and a hard exterior leather trim complemented by a comfortable padded interior. Belts are made to original crafting standards with a non-reversible strap and stitched-in buckles. Holes are slit to accommodate the aereo™ stud.

Kaspari Belts are available in sizes starting from 80cm up through 100cm. This follows over 21 months of Research and Development prior to final production of the limited release market batch.

The KASPARI 5.45 can be obtained directly by visiting