Going, going, gone. The haze, that is. We’re all happy that KLSCM will proceed as planned. But hang on, the haze of the last two weeks has kept us indoors, hibernate and also automatically taper for KLSCM. And suddenly, we get a panic attack.

Our bodies have gone to a partial shutdown, and our minds are now telling us to clock some mileage to make up for those lost training times. Should we or should we not?

Fear not, we have compiled from our collective experiences and observations – some last minute tips to prepare you for KLSCM this Sunday.

Tip #1: Rest

No more last minute training, please. Your body needs to rest and charge for the run. Any late training can only set fatigue to your body, and it may not recover in time. Also, there may be a chance of an injury, so now is not the time to be a hero. You may want to loosen your muscles a day prior to the race. If you’re doing the marathon, then a super easy paced 5km jog may be as long as you should attempt.

Tip #2: Hydrate smartly

Our weather is hot and humid. Hydrate yourself on Saturday, not just with water but with electrolytes too. Our body needs a balanced sodium content. Drinking too much of water only may let you lose sodium content and disturb the balance, so be conscious of your sodium intake too.

Tip #3: Carbo loading

Carbo loading – in moderate amounts – should have started earlier on in the week. Binging the night before the race may disrupt our usual routine, and that will then affect our sleep and race day energy.

Prep up and have fun at KLSCM!

Tip #4: Rest well on Friday

Yes, have an extra hour or two worth of sleep on Friday night. Saturday night sleep can bring anxieties regardless if you’re an experienced runner or a newbie. It’s normal to feel anxious the night prior to raceday, and this may affect the quality of your sleep. So, anticipate for that by resting well on Friday night. Also, the marathon starts real on Sunday morning; this means you will not get your usual Saturday night’s sleep. You would need to get up early and have breakfast to fuel your body.

Tip #5: Get everything ready on Saturday night

Top, bottom, socks, shoes, bib, gels and what you would need for the race. Check your start time, start pen and plan your journey. Some roads will be closed, so plan accordingly.

Tip #6: Nothing new on raceday

Don’t take risks especially with apparel and shoes.  You don’t want to get chafing and blisters. That event tee may be nice, but you won’t have time to try it before the race.  Save it for use after the race instead. Likewise with nutrition; stick with your usual energy gels. You may purchase some new brands of gels at the expo, but save that for at least a round of training and the next race, just not for KLSCM.

Tip #7: Check the haze and weather situation on race morning

If for some reasons Mr. Haze decides to come back early on Sunday morning, then put on a mask as a precaution and also water bottle to drink and rinse your eyes, if necessary. And then check for any late announcements by the organiser.

Tip #8: Enjoy the race

Go out there and enjoy the run. Stick to your plan; don’t get overwhelmed by the occasion and run too quickly at the start. Walk, or crawl if you need to. And don’t forget to share your photos with ToughAsia afterwards.
Good luck and wish you all the best for your run this Sunday.