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8 Athletes You Should Follow on Instagram In Extended MCO

Despite being held in confined spaces, the fitness community has resolved to indoor training to continue to ramp up their performance.

ToughASIA takes a look at our Malaysian athletes on Instagram who share their workouts in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Evolve or dissolve.


Sue Teoh

Sue Teoh is a running coach, a podium-winning runner and a triathlete. She often shares running drills which you can practise from the comfort of your home. In triathlon – or rather duathlon – she has been keeping the competitive spirit alive by joining IRONMAN’s virtual races online.

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Loh Chooi Fern, Penny

Malaysia’s fastest women marathoner in 2019, Loh Chooi Fern better known as Penny, has been keeping the running community relevant with indoor exercises to strengthen leg and core muscles. Utilising body weight or a resistance band, you can follow her quick 5-minute workouts or more hardcore advanced ones.

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Aimi Iwasaki

Based in Malaysia’s Pearl of the Orient, Aimi Iwasaki has been leading an idyllic ‘kampung’ or village life which gets us urbanites a little envious. With a vast playground around her, the triathlon SEA Games finalist has been keeping up with her training and also indulging some time to develop her mental strength. From a background of mixed parentage, Aimi’s passion for culinary arts will intrigue even the finest palates.

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Awan Run

Going live daily on Instagram at 8pm, Azwan Bunjing better known as Awan Run, has been lining up various workouts for runners. From core to stability to fartlek workouts, join the KL Marathon’s 10km champion and running coach for some intense workouts if you are getting bored of your own.

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Linora Low

A recognisable voice at the KL marathon annually, Linora Low has been inspiring us with workouts that you can do with your body weight and everyday objects at home. She hass even roped her parents in for simple workouts at home. Try it with your family members!

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Robyn Lau

If you feel like toning down your workouts, consider following Robyn Lau for yoga sessions live on Instagram. Stretching out your muscles gives them a chance to recover and reset, to enhance your performance in your next athletic session.


Benny Yeoh

A familiar face from the gym industry, Benny Yeoh has been sharing indoor workouts featuring the Animal Flow. The obstacle course racing (OCR) coach and athlete also favours exercises like burpees and issued a triple threat (3XThreat) challenge. Try it!

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Adele Wong

A nutritionist by profession, Adele Wong has been sharing nutrition advice besides some home workouts you can do to keep your appetite in check (admit it!). The fitness coach also shows you how to do certain movements correctly, as this is a great time to look at yourself and assess your postures and movements. To get moving at home as in the video above – put on your socks, get a quick workout in (while cleaning your floor).