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7-year-old Boy Runs 6 Hours in Backyard to Raise Fund for Local Hospital

Steven Burgess, a 7-year-old elementary school student in North Carolina, is helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) by running for 6 hours in his backyard, raising money for local hospitals to treat patients.

“It started out again as just something fun to do, and then I saw that he was pretty serious about it,” the boy’s mother, Eliza Burgess, told “I decided,twell, let’s share this to uplift some people… I’ve been blown away at the amount of people that have wanted to donate.”

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Steven Burgess, whose school closed several weeks ago, said he simply wanted to help his community during difficult times. “I just wanted to raise money for the hospitals and [the charity] Vigilant Hope,” he said.

After running for 6 hours and taking 37,000 steps in total, Burgess was able to raise approximately $1,500 for hospitals. According to the 7-year-old, the daunting task became possible with a little faith. “I just had to faith in me and believed that I could do it,” he said.

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