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7 Weeks Powerman Malaysia Training Plan by Chap Ayam Triathlete

The 17th edition of Powerman Malaysia will take place in the middle of March, and tickets are selling out very fast. Given we are now weeks away, you may have already registered, serviced your bike, bought some new apparel and gear, tried some great-tasting energy gels and even rounded up some friends to race with you. 

But, have you started your training? Or are you just waiting to start once the Lunar New Year festivities are over? You may recall that many years ago, you did not study for your school examinations but still managed to get by. And more recently, you had a work assignment in the office, procrastinated until the eleventh hour, but still did a good job. So, perhaps you may want to push your luck just one more time come the middle of March.

Let’s be real. Doing well in an endurance sport requires lots of smart work. Granted, not everyone has infinite time to train day and night, neglecting work, family and friends. At ToughASIA, we know that you want to do well, and we want to support you. For these reasons, Fresh Events Asia, the organisers of Powerman Malaysia, have appointed us to engage with Chap Ayam Triathlete club to recommend their short-and-sharp 7-week training program to prepare you for Powerman Malaysia race day.

So, Who is Chap Ayam Triathlete?

Chap Ayam Triathlete was formed in 2013 as an offshoot of Chap Ayam Runners (founded in 2005) due to the different needs and requirements for triathletes where “one sport is simply not enough”. Chap Ayam Runners founder Ramlan Sulaiman first mooted the idea with Zulu Hassan, and then passed the baton to Mohd Zulkifly Bin Abu Bakar @ Yusof (Pokju), Abdul Latiff Dollah and En. Amir Hamzah Bin Hashim to establish this club. Today, Chap Ayam Triathlete has 151 active members.

Chap Ayam Triathlete hosts weekly training sessions for swimming, running and cycling – short ones on weekdays and longer ones on weekends. The club takes part in any and all swim, bike or run events – either as a single or multi-sports. At any major Malaysia races, you can expect about 40 Chap Ayam triathletes – in their black and yellow livery.

7-week Duathlon Training Plan

The plan below is designed for the weekend warrior to comfortably complete the 10-60-10km classic distance category. For most participants, completing this race within the cut-off time is achievable. The difference, however, is whether you will be too sore for work the next day, or you will be back in the office as if it was just another weekend. Chap Ayam Triathlete training plan includes core run and bike plans, bricks, trail runs and mandatory rest days. See the plan below.

Click here to download the training plan in High Resolution

It’s just 7 weeks to Powerman Malaysia. If you are still thinking when you should start training, then the time is now! Chap Ayam Triathlete encourages everyone from all walks of life to join and train together, with the aim of being healthy – socially, mentally and physically. No strings attached, no restrictions. You can find more information on their Facebook page and Instagram. Join their training sessions now to experience the fun… and pain.