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7 Nutrition Habits of Highly Effective Runners during Lockdown

Time to reload your pantry as we go further into lockdown. What kind of groceries will you restock?

With this COVID-19 virus not abating anytime soon, it’s time to eat a little healthier to make sure you keep your immune system strong. ToughASIA asked nutritionist and F45 fitness instructor, Adele Wong for 7 highly effective foodie tips for runners.

ToughASIA: Can you list the top 7 types of food which runners can consume to support their immune system in this COVID-19 pandemic?

Adele Wong: There are no particular foods that will “boost” the immune system per se. The same still applies – wide variety of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, legumes, dairy, whole grains, nuts, olive oil etc.

All of these will support our immune system along with daily activity (stay indoors!!) and sufficient rest. During this pandemic, options may be limited.

Here’s a list of what to have in your home:
1. Fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned)
2. Protein: eggs, canned tuna, sardines, salmon, lean meats, tofu, tempeh
3. Legumes: canned beans, chickpeas, four bean mix etc
4. Carbs: wholegrain bread, rice, noodles, pasta, oats, plain wholegrain biscuits, rice crackers
5. Dairy: yoghurt, milk (opt for UHT) and cheese
6. Nuts: almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc
7. Others: Protein powders and bars, granola bars, coffee and tea, soups and broth, kimchi, deli meats.

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Adele Wong shares good habits for highly effective runners

ToughASIA: Highly effective and successful runners have good habits. What habits should we develop to maintain good health nutrition wise?

Adele Wong: With more time being spent at home, here’s what we can do:

  1. Cook more often. Try different recipes or make a healthier version of  fav restaurant dish. Get creative!
  2. Organise your kitchen and pantry. Our environment plays an important role when it comes to our food habits and behaviour. Make it neat and tidy. Make healthy options readily accessible such as putting a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter.
  3. Eat food away from your work area and without distractions (tv, phone etc).
  4. Stick to your regular eating routine and pattern
  5. Before you reach for a snack, as yourself if you are truly hungry or if you’re just bored.
  6. Relax, eat slowly and enjoy your meal. Have meals with your family.
  7. COFFEE (to keep runners sane) and tea

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If you’ve been keeping active indoors, GREAT! For some, working out might not be a priority right now. With all the unrest and uncertainty, it can be really distracting.

However, I would like to encourage you to get in some sort of MOVEMENT. You don’t necessarily have to engage in intense workouts, lift super heavy or sweat loads for it to be considered a good workout.

It can be something as simple as cleaning your home/room or going through a simple stretch routine. Perfect time to work on YOURSELF.