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7 mistakes you should avoid while training

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1) Over-training

Over-training can be a bitch. The injury caused by that can be even bitchier.
It can be devastating to newbies, especially when one sees good results and boom! Tendon tear. Usually this happens when a newbie wants to keep the momentum on and is afraid to lose the newbie gain. But what they forgot is they need to rest. A typical athlete will take a break from strength and endurance training according to cycles. For example, some adopt a two-week cycle, some three weeks, and then rest a week, depending on the athletes’ tournament and competitions.
But unlike athletes, there are no competitions and tournaments for average fitness junkies, hence the lost sense of time. Rest a week every three weeks if you train more than three times a week. You will feel stronger when you are back in action.

2) Training while low in energy

On contrary, instead of eating clean, I personally endorse taking a balanced diet. Your body doesn’t discriminate, so why should your diet?
That doesn’t mean that I eat more carbs, just enough for me to go through the day and the workout. If you are lifting weights for more than 30 minutes, your body burns all sorts of energy storage there is available in your body. Fat, carb, glycogen, whatever. If there is more than four hours between your last meal and your next workout, my advice is have some light snacks at least 30 minutes before your workout. Few pieces of chocolate will do.
Last thing you want is your body disintegrate your hard built muscle for energy.

3) Not researching on techniques

Ask a coach, Research on YouTube, read some debates, before starting a new technique or movement. Stay informed. There is always something you need to understand in every movement, regardless how many times you have done it. More so on exercise that uses free weight.

4) You don’t need music or gym buddy.

Music can be a distraction sometimes.
Arranging with a buddy can be waste of time sometimes, if your buddy isn’t as committed as you are.

5) Stick to a regime for too long, not willing to try new things

The body can only grow with some stimulation. Sticking to a regime for too long will cause the body get used to it and stop growing. Keep trying something new. Give your muscle memory and surprise test.

6) Not enough sleep

Even if your body is capable, your mind can’t concentrate enough if you have not enough sleep the night before. You don’t feel your body the same compare to fully awake. Sometimes caffeinated drink doesn’t even help. It might give you an energy boost, but not necessarily the concentration you need during a complex lift like C&J or overhead squats.

7) Too much isolation

Don’t get me wrong. Weight machines are good. It was built for safety in mind, compare to free weights.
But weight machines doesn’t train the way free weights train you. While using free weights, it is not just about strength, but also balance. You will stress your tendon when you are balancing, hence it can be a more well rounded training method.