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6 Wacky Wingsuits for a fun fly in the sky

Wingsuit flying is fun to begin with, but why not take it further with colours and superhero themes?

Most people don’t have fashion at the front of their minds when jumping out of a plane or off a cliff, but for some, high style marks are a necessity. Sure, flying through the sky in a wingsuit will set you apart from the pack well enough, but if things start to get a little crowded up there, how will you stand out? While technology is obviously priority one in wingsuit design, there are no rules for how they actually look.

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Colourful crayons in the sky. Image from

1. The crayon suit

Who’s wearing it: Pál Takáts
What is it: TonySuits X-Bird 1
Why it’s rad: You can probably see this thing from space
How does it fly? Very, very visibly

Jeb Corliss is a mean machine in all-black. Image from
Jeb Corliss is a mean machine in all-black. Image from

2. The heart of darkness

Who’s wearing it: Jeb Corliss
What is it: TonySuits Apache X
Why it’s rad: It has flown through, over and around things most wingsuit pilots never dream of, and it’s done it without the benefit of a single color
How does it fly? Invisibly, if it’s nighttime

You'll never find the pot of gold from this rainbow. Image from
You’ll never find the pot of gold from this rainbow. Image from

3. The rainbow suit

Who’s wearing it: Romain Bignon
What is it: Phoenix Fly Havoc Carve
Why it’s rad: There’s a pot of gold and a leprechaun waiting for Bignon upon every single landing
How does it fly? Like a Saturday-morning cartoon from the 1980s

We're saved, it's Batman to the rescue! Image from
We’re saved, it’s Batman to the rescue! Image from

4. The Batman

Who’s wearing it: Alex Swindle
What is it: Phoenix Fly Phantom 3
Why it’s rad: If he ever finds a cave atop a cliff, he could execute the hardest-core pop reference ever performed
How does it fly? It has better glide than a cape, we’re willing to bet

And now, Spidey can fly! Image from
And now, Spidey can fly too! Image from

5. The Spidey suit

Who’s wearing it: Guido Brescia
What is it: TonySuits R-Bird 1
Why it’s rad: It’s got a lot of power (but with great power comes great responsibility)
How does it fly? Really well, even without web-shooters in the wands

Italian pilot Guido Brescia has been a massive Spiderman fan since he was a kid, so when he started flying with a wingsuit, there was only one design he was willing to entertain. Peter Parker would be proud of this one, we think.

Who said cows can't fly? Image from
Who said cows can’t fly? Image from

6. The bovine badass

Who’s wearing it: Domenico Berti
What is it: TonySuits X-bird 2
Why it’s rad: This thing can really mooooove
How does it fly? Significantly better than a real cow

Berti’s nickname is “Mucca,” which is cow in Italian, which apparently explains his desire to be the fastest side of beef in the sky. The designer is legendary pilot and aerial photographer James Boole, who told us that it took a lot longer to design than you’d think. Apparently, if you add too many dots you get a Dalmatian, so it’s a tricky process.