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5 New Year resolutions to improve your Fitness

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Most people resolve to get fit, but people who are already fit only want to get ‘fitter’. Instead, focus on getting MORE out of your fitness. Make the most of the physically fit life you love and add in the following to up the ante in 2016.

1. Start and end with stretching

Whatever form of fitness you gravitate toward, be it running, lifting, or fighting, your muscles are getting put through the wringer. You ask a lot from them, so be sure to give back by focusing on stretching and mobility. Bookend your day with stretching routines loosening up muscles before you go to sleep and when you first wake up. Performing these additional stretches will help you feel and move better, as well as prevent injury.

2. Form first

If 2015 was all about smashing personal bests and advancing your performance, switch your focus to your form in the new year. While it may seem a little like going back to the starting line, if you do something long enough, it’s easy to form a comfort zone that’s built on “tweaks” you didn’t know you were making. Keep up this poor form over time and you could have an injury waiting to sideline you in the future.

3. Get more zzzs

Sleep is essential for repairing muscles after physical activity has created micro-tears in the fibers. And if you’re looking to build muscle strength, sleep is the time when a large portion of human growth hormone secretion occurs. While you may be used to being on the move, you can get more from your body if you give it some quality downtime.

4. Switch it up

Challenge your inner athlete by trying something completely different from the workouts you already love. Even if you love CrossFit, which is focused on constantly varied functional movements, don’t forget to “learn and play new sports.” Activities such as surfing, rock climbing, skiing, and swimming will test your abilities in new ways while also stimulating your mind.

5. Pick a new partner

While you may click well with your BFF gym buddy, pairing up with someone new on occasion can prove beneficial to your body and mind. The next time your coach programs a partner WOD, look for a partner whose fitness background differs from yours or someone who is on a different fitness level than you. You’ll learn tips and tricks from someone who’s an old pro, or brush up on your basics by working with a newbie. Both offer unique learning opportunities that can help you improve.

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