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3 Lessons to learn from the CrossFit Games

Rich Froning at the Crossfit Games 2012. Image from Breaking Muscle
Rich Froning at the Crossfit Games 2012. Image from

Lesson #1: Build a Better Version of Yourself

This lesson is about self-improvement. Stand still, and you will quickly be surpassed by someone working harder and building themselves to be better. To remain at the top year after year means you need to continually get better. Sometimes, getting better at something is simply about getting it done.

When testing yourself at the CrossFit Games, its easy to put yourself in the mindset that today is the only thing that matters. Ben Stoneberg, a formidable CrossFit Games athlete, has a wider pespective.

It makes me happy to know that I gave it my best effort, and even if I don’t make a lift or I don’t feel the best that day, I know that there’s always tomorrow. I think that if I can do this good on this day, then I’m sure I can get better the next time I do it. – Ben Stoneberg.

Ben Stoneberg
Ben Stoneberg. Image from

Lesson #2: Relax

This lesson is about learning to be in the moment and have fun. Ben Stoneberg explained  how important it is to relax and enjoy the process, not just for now but for health and sanity in the long term:

You can’t compare yourself to people like Rich Froning because you’ll just get frustrated,” Stoneberg says.
“You have to focus on yourself and what your weaknesses are. It’s all about dedication, staying healthy, and having fun. Having fun is the biggest part, if I didn’t have fun, I wouldn’t be doing this.”
 Image from
Image from

Lesson #3: Put It All in Perspective

This lesson is about not only being in the moment, but being able to see the bigger picture. This is about being reflective, not just after the event, but also leading into and during it.

Key to the ability to relaxing into the process is the ability to put it all in perspective.

Jeff Kuhland provided us with a few words that summarize all of this perfectly. It’s the kind of thing I can imagine written on the wall of a CrossFit box, for athletes to see, read, and consider on a daily basis:

So what now? Take a view of where you are and where you want to be. Set a plan, perform at all times, live in the moment, compete on the stage, and recover hard. Become who you want to be today there will never be a better time.

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