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3 Insider Tips To “Kill” the District Race Kuala Lumpur

Sara Sabri(left) gives us the inside scoop on how to nail the District Race.

We asked somebody in the know, close to the source and has experienced District Race in Hong Kong to share her valuable experience with us. Yes, we want to win it badly, just like you!

When Sara Sabri wanted to make new friends, all she needed to do was put on a pair of running shoes, and a whole new world opened up to her. Over the last four years, running became her priority when she joined Kyserun Krew (Kyserun), which was founded by a group of friends. In Kyserun, the 27 year-old public relations (PR) consultant helps out with PR and branding – partnerships, brand collaborations, community events and social media.

Sprint to your best at the Time Trial checkpoints of the District Race.

At the recent Never Lost Running Crew Summit at Hong Kong, Sara represented Kyserun and learnt how to build 3 local grids for District Race Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. With the advent of technology creeping into sports, Sara was initially sceptical, but now feels excited about this new method of racing using Augmented Reality.

Tip #1 – HYDRATE

District Race uses its namesake smartphone application, through virtual checkpoints and challenges with no set routes or distances. As water stations are only available at the Base,  you may want to carry a hydration pack or bottle, or head to convenience stores along your race journey.


Study your map and pick the checkpoints you want to hit for MAXIMUM points. Some checkpoints carry more points than others, so consider your own running capability, weather and time to plan your route carefully.

Pro tip – do not take the LRT!

Up, down, left or right? Strategise and get it right!

Tip #3 – Make sure YOU HAVE FUN!

As a social runner, Sara used to overthink the distance that she had to cover within a span of time. With the District Race app, time passed by more quickly than she realised because she was enjoying her run and uncovering hidden gems along the way.

“Do it with a friend, challenge your friend. – it’s more FUN that way,” encourages Sara.