Just when you think you're tough enough

Cross Train Obstacle Race

3 hidden secrets to powering through Spartan Race

If you’re panicking about your next Spartan Race, and haven’t started your training? Today’s a good day to start.

Important Tip!

Strengthen your legs and they will carry you throughout the Spartan Race course well, without feeling like the 10kg sandbag that you’re dragging along.

1. Glute Bridges

Your glutes are one of the strongest muscles in your body, and will assist in lower body movement. It’s a simple movement but a life saver.

2. Split Squats

Build some serious single leg strength and stability with Bulgarian Split Squats. When you build strength in both legs, you will reduce cramping as well.

3. Squats

The most basic movement but least practiced, will have you walking / running up hills at your next Spartan Race easily. Trust us on this, this is the best hidden secret yet. Simple and effective.

Try sumo squats for added emphasis on your glutes and adductors.

Oh, and you might want to practise your burpee too. A Spartan staple in everyone’s workout, the burpee combines 4 essential steps to making you stronger – squat, plank, push up and a high jump.