Just when you think you're tough enough

ToughASIA Special: Sporting Community Leads Hulu Langat Bobcat Flood Cleanup

The sporting community in Malaysia is truly a caring group of folks we should all be proud of. In good times, this community supports one another in training and racing. But when confronted with real tough times especially with the…

Noorsyahidda “Nell” Wati Relishes Running at Beirut Marathon

While most of us have to make do with running in virtual events, 41-year old army Major Noorsyahidda Wati Bt Abdullah Sani, affectionately known as “Nell”, had the unique experience of running in the Beirut Marathon. Trigger happy (pun intended)…

Ahmad Shamin Runs To Recover After Hit-and-Run Coma Tragedy

Every runner has his own story to tell. For Ahmad Shamin bin Ahmad Najib, his running journey started from a tragedy. The 35-year old from Kuala Lumpur, a technical executive at MRT Rapid Rail, shares his inspirational story with ToughASIA….