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2020 Boston Marathon Postponed to 14 September

Boston Marathon’s inception in 1897 makes it the oldest annual marathon in the world. But with COVID-19 spreading through the United and states and across the globe, the marathon’s officials along with state and local officials have decided to postpone it from 20 April to 14 September 2020.

“On matters of public health and safety, we take our guidance from the officials entrusted with protecting the public in this area,” said Tom Grik, CEO of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) in a statement Friday morning.

“We understand our role, along with our partners, in ensuring a safe environment for all participants, volunteers, spectators, and supporters that meets the standards by those officials.”

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BAA also said that registered participants and volunteers will receive additional information in the coming days. The BAA 5K, which draws a field of 10,000 participants and is held at the weekend of the marathon, will also be rescheduled to a later date.

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“The BAA’s mission of promoting health through sports, especially running, has guided our organisation for more than a century. In collaboration with our many partners, we look forward to welcoming the world to Boston in September in celebration of the 124th Boston Marathon,” Grik added in the statement.

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