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2018 Chilkat Challenge: Triathlon for river-lovers

(Chilkat Challenge Triathlon)

If you’re squeamish about swimming, but still want to attempt a triathlon, the Chilkat Challenge Triathlon will take you merrily down the stream.

Get on a canoe or kayak, or stand-up paddle board, in the water section of the second annual Chilkat Challenge Triathlon in Southeast Alaska on July 1. Thereafter, you proceed with the usual cycling and running, making it a unique paddle-bike-run.

(Chilkat Challenge Triathlon)
(Chilkat Challenge Triathlon)

On the Mosquito Lake about 30 miles north of Haines, you will paddle 8 miles (13km) across the lake before cycling 22-miles (35km) into town, before running across the finish at Chilkat State Park.

You can compete individually, or in teams of two or three — even using a double kayak or canoe if you wish. The more the merrier, especially to row your boat merrily down the stream.

For more info, visit The Chilkat Challenge Triathlon