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A Quick Guide to 2014 New Year Resolution

Photo taken during DailyMuscle BootCamp Challenge
Photo taken during DailyMuscle BootCamp Challenge

How has 2013 been treating you? Good? Bad? Meh?
Good. Let’s leave that behind and look forward.
2014. What are your goals and objectives?
Just losing some weight? Well, this might not be the right topic for you. You had probably heard them all.
Instead, this topic is about taking the TOUGHER route.
No more silly weight loss program. No more fad diets. No more weight loss target. Only sweat and pain. And some good food in the mix.

Here are some ideas for your new year resolution:

Set performance benchmarks, instead of just setting how much weight you want to lose.
Why? Because losing weight is the by product of better performance.
Did 100 pushups in 5 minutes? Challenge that again 2 months later, only faster.
Now, knowing you have a challenge and 2 months to get ready, you know what to do.
Want to break deadlift personal record? Deadlift at 70% – 80% of your target weight during regular training and increase little-by-little.
Want a marathon time? Try reducing your 1KM time little by little.

Cross train and embrace varieties
Rope skipping, swimming, cycling, belly breathing, running style, sprinting, power lifting, rock climbing – include these exercises into your program.
Find different ways to improve physically and mentally. Try new sports and exercises and understand them.
Be overall strong. Not just smith machine strong.

Set a time table – and stick to it
Treat your gym/workout sessions like important business appointments or wedding anniversary. You are attending that appointment no matter what.
Whether it is joining that body combat class or self programed weight session, show up on time.

At least one competition a month or a group workout
Be involve and participate in some weird run or plain marathon. Having a game or 2 a month is good for keeping you motivated.
Completing a game within your own target can be a good yardstick for yourself.

Go to the gym alone
Lots of newbies gave up with the same lame excuse:
“My gym buddy isn’t going, so I am not going.”
What they don’t understand is that their bodys’ are not their gym buddy responsibility. Besides, it is hard to stay motivated if their gym buddy don’t even try to make it to the gym.
This year, try go to gym alone at least once. You will see the difference. You will be more focused, and more time to complete a workout.

Learn how to recover faster by stretching and light workouts
This including foam rolling, light jogs, stretching and other light workouts. Not to forget supplements, too.
These methods will make your DOMS (Delay Onset Muscle Soreness) more bearable.

Set milestones and review it every month / quarter / half-yearly
Similar to setting benchmark. Do a self-review to assess if you hit certain target. Feel free to do adjustments. If you had tried to hit certain target and failed, don’t give up. Adjust accordingly, scale it down and move upwards eventually. This is how you make your goals realistic and achievable.

Last but not least… LEAVE YOUR DAMN PHONE ALONE in the gym.
This deserves a special mention. You seen them before. They are on the stationary bike, doing 10 minutes per kilometre, looking at them phones, taking them selfies.
It is not a bad thing. But it will slow you down and distract you and those around you.
Simply put: if you got the energy to look into the phone, you are not working out hard enough.

So go out! Don’t wait to be inspired, be an inspiration!
Happy New year, Toughasians!