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2014 Crossfit Open: Conclusion

Crossfit Open 2014 has concluded with 14.5, the last Open workout, considered as one of the hardest in 2014 Open. At least for me, as it was the only workout I couldn’t complete (it was the thrusters!)

The winner for 14.5 are Samantha Briggs and Josh Bridges.


The last Open workout:
Thrusters 95lb/65lb

[embedvideo id=”77dMnpB2ICE” website=”youtube”]


ScaleD down version for those who would like to give it a go.
Thrusters 10kg/6kg dumbbells

No surprise though, three-time Crossfit Games winner Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs had won the Crossfit Open 2014 in the men and women categories respectively.

What have I learnt from the Open?
Only through participation, will you understand what is lacking, and you will then push yourself to picking up new skills, and/or learning new moves.

With the Open Workouts behind us, the next game is already in motion – the Regional 2014.
Stay tuned for more news from the Regional!